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Tour to the 700MW Multi-Energy Complementary Demonstration Project in Golmud During CPM2020
Catherine | 2019-11-05 17:13:21    

Reported from CSPPLAZA:The CPM2020 Summit hosted by CSPPLAZA is scheduled to be held in Golmud, Qinghai Province ,18-19th, December, 2019.

At present, the market space for China's first batch of CSP demonstration projects has been almost released, but the relevant policies are still unclear;

With Wind and PV power approaching a price comparable to that of conventional electricity generation, the era of none-FiT for renewable energy is coming. The marketization reform of electricity is gradually put on the agenda, inevitablly renewable energy will fully participates in the Electricity free trade market.

How does CSP meet the development requirements, find its own position in the new era, seek reasonable policy support, and release the potential in the market? It is urgent for all CSP players to carry out in-depth discussion and seek a breakthrough, the theme of this summit is set as "The Path of CSP Development in None-FiT era", which is committed to building a pragmatic high-level platform, discussing on the future development of CSP +PV mode.

During the Summit, CSPPLAZA will organize a visit to the 700MW multi-energy complementary demonstration project in Golmud. This multi-energy project integrated wind power, photovoltaic, CSP and battery energy storage, is a typical example for the common development of CSP generation combined with other renewable energy.

The first multi-energy complementary demonstration project located in Golmud, Qinghai procince, with total installed capacity of 700MW. This multi-energy project integrated wind power, photovoltaic, CSP and battery energy storage, using PV, CSP and wind power as the peak hour power supply, solar thermal storage and battery energy storage system as the baseload power supply. effectively solving the wind and PV power’s problem of Instability and non schedulability, Balancing peak and off-peak power output and reducing Abandon wind and solar promote the consumption of renewable energy.


Image: The 200MW PV Project


Image: The 50MW CSP Project


Image: The 400MW wind Project


Image: The 50MW battery energy storage Project

Project Site

Within the territory of Golmud City, Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province, China

Project constitution

The total installed capacity is 700 MW, including 400 MW of wind power, 200 MW of photovoltaic, 50 MW of CSP, and 50 MW of battery energy storage. The PV and wind power project were successfully connected to the grid for power generation In January 2018, the battery energy storage system has been put into operation in February,2019, and the CSP plant has been connected to the grid in September 2019. After completion, the annual power generation of the project will reach 1,262 million kwh.

About CSP plant in the multi-energy complementary demonstration project 

The CSP power station, equipped with 12h energy storage system, is located on the south side of the photovoltaic power station and adopts tower molten salt technology. After the project is completed, it will not only provide clean, cheap and reliable power support for regions and enterprises, but also play an active role in optimizing regional energy structure, improving ecological environment and achieving clean development.

Project participants:


If you are interested in join the conference,please contact: catherine@cspplaza.com.

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