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TSK: Introduction of Morocco 800 MW  Noor Midelt I CSP & PV Hybrid Project
zlj | CSPPLAZA | 2019-08-05 11:33:22    

Reported from CSPPLAZA: On July 10th-12th, the 2019 China International CSP Conference & CSPPLAZA 6th Annual Conference was successfully held in Suzhou,China.

During the conference, Oliver Baudson, General Manager of TSK Flagsol Engineering, delivered a speech entitled”Introduction of Morocco 800MW Noor Midelt I CSP & PV Hybrid Project”.


Summary of Morocco 800 MW  Noor Midelt I CSP & PV Hybrid Project

In his speech, Oliver presented the configuration of the 800MW hybrid project: 


Plant concept of Noor Midelt I has the advantages of: 

• Bankable solution as only proven and mature technologies are deployed

• Competitive solution (grid parity in many countries)(cheapest electricity from dispatchable solar power plant world-wide)

• 5 h of dispatchability (theoretically 27/7 if required)

• Providing system services (frequency stability, inertia)

• Avoiding system and re-dispatch cost

• 100% CO2 free and 100% solar renewable

And the trend of CSP-PV-Hybrid in future will be: 

• Target for future projects is at 4 – 6 cEUR/kWh 

• Energy mix based on 100% RE is an achievable target for many countries and regions 

• Large storage capacities competitively available 

• Secure energy supply for 24 h competitively achievable 

• Large capacities achievable (nominal power - not peak power - possible >> 200MW) 

• Other forms of hybridisation with CSP are also promising (e. g. with biomass, waste, others)

Germany's Energy Transition Deployment of CSP technologies 

According to Oliver, Conversion of coal fired power plnats to e-TES (Electrically charged Thermal Energy Storage)is available because: 

• Technologically feasible as TES has been proven in CSP power plants

• Technical infrastructure of coal fired power plants already existing

• Compared to annually incurring congestion cost required investment appears adequate

• Avoidance of large part of dismantling and scrapping cost

• Maintain largely direct employment and surrounding service infrastructure

• Making use of substantial part of RE, which today is curtailed (and paid according to EEG)

• Significant contribution to grid stability while providing system services such as frequency stability and dispatchability

And the cost estimate of conversion of one coal fired power plant into a GIGA-Storage will be:


Please watch the video to get more details about the wonderful speech:

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