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Tibet Zabuye source grid load storage integrated integrated energy supply project solar thermal power station heat collector installation project bidding
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On August 29, NanJing China Nuclear Energy Engineering Co., Ltd launched a public bidding for the collector installation project of Xizang solar thermal power station heat collector installation project.

Project Overview:

Zabuye energy supply station project is located in Zhongba County, Xigaze City, Tibet Autonomous Region, about 800km away from Xigaze City and 170km away from Zhongba County. It is close to Zabuye Salt Lake in the northwest. The geographical coordinates are located at 83°57'10"-84°15'08"E and 31°27'10"-31°34'30"N. Above sea level elevation is about 4500 m, part of field covers an area of about 2.85 million square meter.

Zabuye Energy Station project as the self-power station of lithium carbonate processing plant(phaseⅡ), provide stable power supply and steam for lithium carbonate plant. Zabuye Energy Station project is composed of energy control station, energy dispatching center, concentrated solar power system, photovoltaic system and electrochemical energy storage system. The energy control station gathers concentrated solar power and photovoltaic system to ensure stable supply of electricity and heat through the configuration of large-capacity heat storage and rapid response electrochemical energy storage.

The configuration scale of the concentrated solar power system of Zabuye Energy Station project is as follows:

1 x 40 MW steam turbine using the medium temperature high pressure, a reheat, pumping condensing air-cooled turbo-generator set.

Molten salt storage system configuration four molten salt tank, including two cold salt tank, two hot salt tank, the heat storage medium 60%NaNO3 + 40%KNO3 binary salt, the thermal storage time for 16 h.

The heat transfer fluid of the heat transfer oil system adopts biphenyl/diphenyl ether,and it is equipped with 4 frequency conversion horizontal centrifugal pumps (3 for use and 1 for reserve), 1 for expansion tank of heat transfer oil, 4 for overflow tank of heat transfer oil, and 2 13MW diesel anti-coagulation furnaces (1 for use and 1 for reserve).

The solar heat collecting field consists of 760 solar collector assemblies (SCA) arranged in the north-south axis to form 190 heat collecting loops ET150 standard European trough loops(LOOP), with a collector row spacing of 16.25 meters. Solar-thermal systems generating set by the time of 35 kV lines connected to the energy control center, auxiliary power by the power dispatching center of 35 kV line access.

Scope of bidding work:

It includes all the collector body equipment in 190 ET150 heat collecting circuits and all the related on-site installation and debugging and coordination of collector body equipment.

Site installation of heat collector body equipment is the installation work involved in the site installation of heat collector body equipment and all related components;Collector ontology equipment debugging and cooperate with the debugging work for collectors ontology and cooperate with the subsystem start-up debugging equipment monomer cold commissioning and start-up and commissioning of a complete set of unit transfer unit.

Planned construction period:

The planned construction period is: construction will start on September 20, 2023 and be completed on June 30, 2024.

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