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The world's highest altitude concentrated solar power station project ushered in a new node!
admin | 2023-09-12 17:06:36    

On September 8, the installation of two hot melt salt tank cooling pipelines for Tibet Zhabuye Integrated Energy EPC Project was completed, marking a significant progress in the engineering construction of the project.


The project is the world's highest altitude concentrated solar power station project, the site altitude of more than 4500 meters, is the world's first in high altitude, at the end of the power grid area, trough solar thermal power station as the main power supply to achieve clean energy isolated network operation, to provide 24 hours a day safe, stable and reliable comprehensive energy supply of the first trial "Mount Everest" project.


There are 4 molten salt tanks in the project, including two hot tanks, two cold tanks and two hot molten salt tanks, with a total of 86 rows of cooling pipes. During the installation, in the face of sand, ultraviolet light, hypoxia and other difficulties, the project implementation team took the initiative, planned in advance, coordinated, strictly in accordance with the standard specifications of equipment transportation, pipeline installation and other links of quality control, to ensure that the hot molten salt tank cooling pipeline installation work is completed with high quality and efficiency, with practical actions to write a poem of snow plateau progress!

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