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The shortlist for CSP Technology Innovation Award of CSPPLAZA AWARDS 2019 has been revealed
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Reported from CSPPLAZA: With the self-declaration by participating companies and the evaluation by the CSPPLAZA platform, the shortlist for CSPPLAZA AWARDS 2019, an annual award in CSP industry, has been confirmed. Today the shortlist for CSP Technology Innovation Award is going to be revealed, while the public voting channel officially opens.

Technology innovation is eternal driving force for the cost reduction of CSP. CSPPLAZA AWARDS 2019 Technology Innovation Award is set to honor the enterprises and institutions that have made major breakthroughs in technological innovation and application over the past year.

The finalists of 2019 CSP Technology Innovation Award are Abengoa, Beijing Shouhang IHW Resources Saving Technology Co., Ltd,Vast Solar Pty Ltd. , Beijing Jiajie new energy saving Technology Co., Ltd. and the consortium formed by DLR+CSP Services GmbH. There will be 3 winners confirmed by public voting and the assessment from professional panel at last.

CSPPLAZA AWARD 2019 sets 3 awards in total: Demonstration Project Promotion Award, CSP Technology Innovation Award as well as Diversified Market Application Award, to honor these outstanding enterprises promoting the development in CSP industry from different areas. The award ceremony will be held at Shangri-la Hotel in Suzhou on 10th July 2019, the first day of the 2019 China International CSP Conference & CSPPLAZA 6th Annual Conference. 

The shortlist for the 2019 CSP Technology Innovation Award


Reasons for entry:Develop SpaceTube® trough collector with 8.2m large aperture and realize  its commercialized application.

The new generation large aperture though collector with 8.2m aperture width developed by Abengoa represents the technology innovation of trough collectors and is the trough collector with biggest aperture in current commercialized application. Compared with the traditional trough collectors, the new one shows a better performance on the following aspects:

1, improving optical accuracy

2, improving heat collecting efficiency

3, manufacturing cost reduction

4, optimized assembly

5, decreasing installation costs

This large aperture trough collector was applied to Xina Solar One, an 100MW CSP plant located in South-Africa, delivering its very first commercialized application and playing an important role on the reduction of size and costs of solar field. Thereby, the 3×200MW parabolic trough plants,part of Dubai 950MW Noor Energy 1 CSP-PV Project, determined to apply the SpaceTube® trough collector at the latter half of the year in 2018, which made a remarkable commercialized performance record for the new tech, and an outstanding contribution for its commercialized promotion.



Pic:The SpaceTube® trough collector design applied to Xina Solar One


Pic: The SpaceTube®trough collector installed in Xina Solar One CSP plant

2.Beijing Shouhang IHW Resources Saving Technology Co., Ltd

Reasons for entry: Develop an highly efficient 4.0 industrial level integrated system for heliostats manufacturing and inspection and achieve commercialized application.

Due to the large demand on heliostats ,and the demand on their high accuracy and differentiation , Shouhang IHW developed an an highly efficient 4.0 industrial level integrated system for heliostats manufacturing and tests, which significantly reduced the lead time of heliostats and the workforce, as well as guaranteed the stability of product quality.


Pic:Part of the advanced system

This system mainly includes the following technology links:

Solar panel pressurizing---gluing sub-mirror----sub-mirror inspection---heliostat installation---heliostat focusing inspection.

Equipped with this advanced system, the heliostat installation with a number of 12078 ( reached the area of 1.4 million square meters )at Shouhang Dunhuang 100MW CSP tower demonstration project has been finished in advance, which spent less than 4 months, far more effective than expectation.

3. Beijing Jiajie new energy saving Technology Co., Ltd.

Reasons for entry: Achieve technology innovation breakthroughs and commercialized application of domestic molten salt control valves.

The reliability and the security of molten salt valves play key roles during the whole generation process and the common issues occurred on the application of molten salt valves in reality generally are: leaking if without blocking, deformation of valve handles, and cavitation etc. The Y-type molten salt control valves and stop valves, an patent product developed by Beijing Jiajie new energy saving Technology Co., Ltd., featured with closed to straight line runners and automatic-cleaning & anti-cavitation valve core design, are capable of reducing pressure drop effectively, removing sedimentation and cavitation, as well as preventing molten salt being remained; With multiple sealing by valve handles and corrugated pipes etc., the molten salt can be prevented to leak, the reliability and security of molten salt valves can be guaranteed as well.


Pic: The molten salt valve of Beijing Jiajie new energy

Up to now, Beijing Jiajie new energy has provided more than 210 molten salt valves for different projects. The very first domestic molten salt valve with a highest working temperature of 730℃ was successfully developed and delivered to clients; The NO.1 module of Yumen 50MW CSP demonstration project used the stop valves and the control valves of Beijing Jiajie new energy, and the downcomer big differential pressure control valve applied to a 10MW tower plant, provided by Beijing Jiajie new energy operated with good performance. Furthermore, a 50MW CSP demonstration project even purchased 160 molten slat stop valves and control vavles of Beijing Jiajie new energy.

4. Vast Solar Pty Ltd.

Reasons for entry: Develop an innovative technology applying sodium as heat transfer fluid, which has been proven in a CSP pilot plant.

Vast Solar is an Australian technology company whose mission is to deliver utility scale renewable energy technology with the power to transform world energy systems. It was established in 2009 to develop and commercialise new generation concentrated solar power (CSP) technology. The novel use of sodium as a heat transfer fluid has enabled Vast Solar to develop a unique modular, small tower CSP system. This technology has been developed and proven in Vast Solar’s CSP Pilot Plant that has been into operation continuously since early 2018. 

The new generation CSP system featured with high optical and thermal efficiency, excellent control, and reliable risk control, delivered significant performance improvements and cost reductions. 


Pic:The 6MWth liquid sodium tower demonstration plant constructed by Vast Solar in Australia

Data from pilot plant proved the technology and confirmed the ability for it to rapidly and effectively scale up to commercial plants. Thereby, Vast Solar is carrying out a commercialized CSP and PV hybrid project with 50MW installed cabacity and totally $240 million investment in New South Wales, Australia, which includes an 30MW CSP plant with 10h thermal storage system.

5. Consortium formed by DLR+CSP Services GmbH

Reasons for entry: Develop a QFLY trough collector aerial inspection system and reach commercialized application.


Pic: The QFLY is on its duty

QFlY is an advanced aerial inspection system, basically developed by DLR and brought into praxis by CSP Services. It combines photogrammetric and deflectometric optical measurement techniques. An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV, drone) delivers the key optical, mechanical, and thermal performance parameters of entire parabolic through solar fields of CSP plants in a quick, precise, and comprehensive manner. 

The QFLY is developed to be capable of inspecting 60 trough collecting loops in one day, and to be able to finish the whole inspection for the measurement of mechanical, optical and thermal performance in an solar field within few days. This allows for quick yet thorough performance checks of complete solar fields, for precise identification of the sources causing production losses and of maintenance risks, and permits immediate corrective actions in the operation of solar power plants, or already during construction.

The QFLY reached its very first application at a commercialized CSP plant in the spring of 2014, and is adapted by multiple commercialized plants around the world. Equipped with this advanced system, the following aspects can be fullfilled:

1, reducing the debugging time of trough plant effectively.

2, allowing an immediate optimization for solar field performance.

3,improving productivity.

The QFLY was rewarded as 2018 Solarpace Technology Innovation Award for its advanced inspection system on CSP plant optical measurement.

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