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The first solar thermal prefabricated energy island in China has been built in Turpan!
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Independent cooling, heating, energy storage and energy supply can be realized without relying on the power grid. The first solar thermal prefabricated energy island in China has been built in Turpan Xiangtu Heat Economic and Industrial Park, and has now entered the verification and operation stage. With the help of this new energy equipment, Turpan has turned "thermal annoyance" into "thermal resource".


Turpan Solar Thermal Prefabricated Energy Island (File Photo)

August 31, the reporter field visit learned that the solar thermal assembly energy island demonstration project is by Hunan province aid Xinjiang front headquarters making connections. Turpan Municipal Party Committee organization department through the flexible way of Xinjiang talent introduction, and the key support by the talent development fund science and technology aid Xinjiang project. It is led by Changsha University of Science and Technology research and development and design, China Power International Development Co., LTD, CCCC Huoyanshan Automobile Testing Co., LTD, and other units cooperated in the construction, which took two years to be officially implemented. It is the first solar thermal recycling prefabricated "energy island" design in China, with completely independent intellectual property rights.

How does energy island realize heat collection, energy storage and energy supply? Chuanchang Li, deputy dean, professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Energy and Power Engineering of Changsha University of Science and Technology, introduced that the project consists of solar thermal collection system, photovoltaic system, solar thermal refrigeration system and other systems. The light pursuit system of the heat collecting field will slowly rotate with the sunshine, while the heat storage system will continuously store the collected heat energy and release it when it is needed.

Turpan average annual sunshine hours 3200 hours, with an average annual rainfall is only 16 mm, summer temperature in more than 40℃, long sunshine, high temperature and less rainfall, provide comprehensive utilization of resources of field with congenital advantage.

"Solar thermal assembly energy island, make full use of Turpan solar thermal resources, independent of the power grid and achieve independent cooling, heating, electricity storage form of integrated energy storage and energy supply." Chuanchang Li said the energy island with the characteristics of 100% green energy utilization, 100% zero emissions, and 100% Off-grid run, can be no grid coverage, emergency scene to provide a stable heat, cold, electricity supply. At present, indoor summer cooling, winter heating and new energy vehicle charging piles have been tried to operate.

The tentacles of this core technology are about to bring a new scene for benefit to farmers.

Turpan is rich in grapes, cantaloupe and other high-quality agricultural products, but export sales face the problems of long distance, large loss and high cost.

At present, the grapes picked precooling need to be transported into the refrigerator for 24 hours, after turn into cold chain car sold everywhere. The cost of pre-cooling, warehousing and loading the grapes is about 3,500 yuan per truck, not including the time cost of the process.

"The container-type mobile passive cold storage of energy island is located in the field to realize heat storage and refrigeration and long-term cold storage in areas without power grid coverage." Chuanchang Li explained that this is equivalent to bringing their own "cold treasure", after the grapes are picked, they can be directly stored and shipped out immediately, saving time and labor costs, and retaining freshness and taste to the greatest extent. The cold energy can be stored for up to 96 hours.

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