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The first LOC box of Aksai 110MW solar thermal power project has been verified successfully
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According to Shenzhen Eastern Boiler Control Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “EBC”)news, recently, by the company to participate in the construction of Aksai 110MW solar thermal power project LOC box first verification success.

Previously, DONGFANG BOILER Co., Ltd successfully won the bid for the lighting and heat collection system equipment of Gansu Aksai 110MW solar thermal power project, among which the "heliostat" control box is designed and supplied by EBC.

Project Renderings

Recently, EBC specially invited the relevant personnel of the owner and the company's quality control personnel to witness the Aksai solar thermal LOC box prototype experiment.

The witnesses first listened to the production report of the prototype controlled by EBC, inspected the workshop production of the complete set of manufacturers, and asked about the production capacity, quality control process and other related questions in detail.

Subsequently, the project team officially started the first chamber test of solar thermal LOC.

The prototype experiment mainly has three parts: First, the PLC program can normally send and receive signals with the driver; Second, the driver can drive the push-rod motor normally; Third, in case of emergency, the emergency stop button can stop the operation of the equipment normally.

After checking the drawings, wiring inside the cabinet and important parts for many times, the first LOC box began the power-on test and finally passed smoothly!

Under experimental test

The success witnessed by the LOC case experiment signals that the Aksai solar thermal LOC case can enter the mass production stage.

The Aksai "Solar Thermal +" demonstration project is located in the twenty kilometers Gobi 10 million kilowatt level solar power base of Aksai with a total installed capacity of 750MW, including 110MW solar thermal part and 640MW photovoltaic part.

The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2023 and connected to the grid for power generation. After completion, it will greatly improve the regional economic and social development environment and improve the quality of life of the Kazakh people.



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