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The Application of CEWA’s Efficient Multi-Purpose Point Focusing CSP Technology
2018-07-18 11:41:52    

Reported from CSPPLAZA:On 20~22 June 2018, in Beijing, Sudhaka Neti,Chairman of the board, America CEWA attended the Fifth China International CSP conference and CSPPLAZA annual meeting (CPC2018), in which he delivered a speech around the application of US CEWA’s efficient multi-purpose point focusing CSP technology.

Sudhaka pointed out that, compared with traditional trough and tower CSP technology, point-focus CSP technology has obvious advantages such as lower cost, larger suitability for power generation and energy storage, and wider application. Besides, it can be applied to coal power stations and steam applications, cogeneration, HVAC, seawater desalination, carbon dioxide capture and many other industrial fields.

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