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The 5th CSP project--Luneng Haixi 50MW CSP project successfully connected to the grid
Catherine | CSPPLAZA | 2019-09-20 17:30:20    

Reported from CSPPLAZA: On September 19th, 18:02, Luneng Haixi 50MW CSP project, part of Luneng Haixi Complementary Multi-energy Demonstration Project,  was successfully connected to the grid.

The project is the fifth large scale CSP project in China.with the CGN Delingha 50MW Trough Project, Shouhang Dunhuang 100MW  Tower Plant, SUPCON Delingha 50MW  Tower Project and Power China Gonghe 50MW  Tower CSP Project. Up to date, the total installed capacity of large scale commercial CSP projects in China reaches 300MW. 




This multi-energy project is a scientific and technological innovation project with the total installed capacity is 700 MW, integrating including 400 MW of wind power, 200 MW of photovoltaic, 50 MW of CSP, and 50 MW of energy storage.

After all the project is completed, it will not only provide clean, cheap and reliable power support for regions and enterprises, but also play an active role in optimizing regional energy structure, improving ecological environment and achieving clean development.

For more information :Project overview of Luneng Haixi 50MW CSP project

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