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Shortlist for Demonstration Project Promotion Award of CSPPLAZA AWARDS 2019 Has Been Revealed
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Reported from CSPPLAZA:With the self-declaration by participating companies, the shortlist for CSPPLAZA AWARDS 2019, an annual award in CSP industry, has been confirmed after the evaluation by CSPPLAZA. As well as the one for Demonstration Project Promotion Award is announced today while the public vote channel officially opens.

CSPPLAZA AWARDS 2019 sets 3 awards, which are Demonstration Project Promotion Award, CSP Technology Innovation Award as well as Diversified Market Application Award, to honor these excellent enterprises driving CSP development from different areas. The award ceremony will be held in the evening of 10th Jul 2019 at Shangri-la Hotel in Suzhou, the first night of 2019 China International CSP Conference & CSPPLAZA 6th Annual Conference. 

The shortlist for Demonstration Project Promotion Award

The common vision in China CSP industry currently is to propel the successful construction of CSP demonstration projects. This award is set to honor these enterprises and institutions that have made outstanding contributions to the construction of demonstration projects.

1. Consortium formed by HYDROCHINA and Powerchina Northwest Engineering Corporation Limited

Reasons for entry: Propelling the construction of Qinghai Gonghe 50MW Molten Salt Tower CSP Project,

This project owned by HYDROCHINA, constructed by Northwest Engineering Corporation Limited with 1×50M installation scale and 6h molten salts thermal energy storage system is one of the first batch of China’s CSP demonstration projects. The construction of this project is promoted rapidly with the co-operation of relevant parties since its start-up in Mar 2018.


The installation of the main part for heliostats and receivers have been finished, while the unit tests are being conducted orderly so far; The facilities of storage&heat exchange system and the pipeline installation have been almost finished, molten-salt storage vessels are going to be reheated after the hydrostatic pressure tests have been gone through, and the construction of electric tracing and heat conservation are on the last stage of installation; After the high-pressure cylinders of steam turbine have been successfully buckled, hopefully the standby transformer did a perfect start-up. It is pleased to announce that the project has been on debugging entirely at the current stage, and entered a sprint period ahead of grid-connected power generation.

2.  Qinghai Golmud Luneng Renewable Energy Co., Ltd

Reasons for entry: Driving the construction of Haixi 50 MW Tower CSP Project

Luneng Haixi 50MW tower CSP project is the key part of the Haixi complementary multi-energy demonstration project with 4400 heliostats installation in total and 12h thermal storage system. This project was carried out in Mar 2018 and is expected to achieve grid-connected power generation by the end of Sep 2019. There has been over 3200 heliostats accumulated installed so far, while the construction of thermal storage island and the conventional Island is being carried forward synchronously.


The gross installed capacity of Haixi complementary multi-energy demonstration project is 700MW, including 400MW of wind power , 200MW of photovoltaic (PV),50MW of CSP and 50MW of storage energy. The whole project relies on the wind power generation, assisted by PV, as well as regulated by CSP and storage energy , solving the out-off-balance problems effectively under the situation of peak and trough period of power output, increasing the energy utilization rate, improving the renewable power qualities, strengthening the stability of power output rating, making demonstrations for solving the renewable energy consumption problems.

3.Consortium formed by Lanzhou Dacheng Science and Technology Co., Ltd. + Zhongnan Engineering Corporation Limited + PowerChina Leasing Co., Ltd.

Reasons for entry: Promoting the construction of Lanzhou Dacheng Dunhuang 50MW Molten Salt Fresnel CSP Demonstration Project.

This project located in Dunhuang City, Gansu Province, with installed capacity of 50MW, is one of the first batch of China’s CSP demonstration projects. Zhongnan Engineering Corporation Limited, the project EPC, applied the Linear Fresnel concentration technology with Independent Intellectual Property Rights owned by Lanzhou Dacheng, which uses molten salt as the unified medium for thermal concentration, heat-transfer as well as heat storage. Lanzhou Dacheng Science and Technology Co., Ltd, the investor and the technology provider of this project, is responsible for the project’s overall development; Zhongnan Engineering Corporation Limited is in charge of the quality, the security, the costs and the progress; The financing party, PowerChina Leasing Co., Ltd, provides financing support for the project.


This project was officially carried out on June 29th, 2018. The following are the latest progress:

1. The on-site leveling, the enclosing wall as well as the construction of temporary facilities on site have completely finished;

2. The main frames of general office building and night shift rest building have been capped, while the inside and outside of the wall-building have been finished.. 

3. The main building, the air-cooling island and the electronic control building are on the pouring operation.

4. The installation workshop for solar island has been delivered to service, 80% of the foundation construction of solar field has been finished, the loop operation at the very first period has been completed, with an exit temperature of 573.1℃. The system is kept being tested and the rest facilities of the solar field continues to be constructed;

5. Cold tanks and hot tanks of the thermal storage island are on the process of fundamental concreting and panel soldering etc. 

The whole project is expected to be completed and combined to the grid in 2019.

Attachment: Winners of 2018 Demonstration Project Promotion Award

China Guangdong Nuclear Solar Delingha Co., Ltd.

Beijing Shouhang IHW Resources Saving Technology Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Supcon Solar Technology Co., Ltd.

Royal Tech CSP Limited.

Northwest Electric Powerdesign Institute Co., Ltd. of China Power Engineering Consulting Group.

Pleasure to welcome you to attend the 6th China International CSP Conference to be held on July 10th-12th in Suzhou, China, if you have the same wish to witness the milestone achievement of the CSP demonstration projects in China. For more details, please click the homepage of CPC2019.

Registration for the conference, please contact: Catherine@cspplaza.com

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