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Shanshan 100MW concentrated solar power projects subject construction and installation engineering publicity of the winning candidate
admin | 2023-08-29 10:33:59    

On August 28, Shandong Electric Power Engineering Consulting Institute Co., Ltd(about the national electricity for Henan Turpan, Xinjiang Shanshan QiKeTai 100 MW concentrated solar power project subject construction and installation engineering release the winning candidate, the winning bidder is China Energy Engineering Group Northwest City Construction Co., Ltd.

According to the bidding announcement previously issued, the main scope of work of this bidding section includes:civil engineering, civil small installation works. This blocks construction projects include:building projects, civil small installation. Among them, civil small installation (upstream and downstream water, ventilation, air conditioning, dust removal, fire fighting, building lighting and lightning protection grounding, etc. ) works include: installation, commissioning and other work. The installation works of this bidding section include:installation; monomer debugging and commissioning of individual equipment; Coordinate the sub-system debugging and the whole set of start-up debugging.

This new 100 MW molten salt tower concentrated solar power projects, 20 MW electric heating in the construction, at the same time provide 40 MW electric heating interface.

The construction period is: the main workshop is scheduled to start on October 6,2023 (main workshop casting the first tank of concrete), December 5,2024 to complete the grid power.

CSPPLAZA previously reported, SPIC Henan Company Shanshan 1 GW "PV+CSP" integration project has been at the end of July held a ground-breaking ceremony in 2022.

Shanshan 1 GW "integration of PV+CSP" demonstration project planning and construction of 900 MW and 100 MW concentrated solar power systems, two 220KV booster stations will be built. With a total investment of 6 billion yuan and a total installed capacity of 1GW, it adopts renewable energy power generation technology combining pv and solar thermal molten salt energy storage. After completion,the annual average online electricity is about 2 billion KWH, saving about 660,000 tons of standard coal and reducing about 1.58 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year, which has good social benefits, economic benefits and environmental protection benefits.

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