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Refractaris seeks in Africa and Asia to expand its international sales of shields for Concentrated Solar Power
zlj | helionoticias | 2019-12-09 09:54:13    

The company Refractaris, located in the Montemayor municipality of Cordoba (Spain) and specialized in the design, production and installation of solutions aimed at protecting and isolating equipment of high temperatures above 500 degrees, has become a leader in solar thermal shields and seeks in Africa and Asia expand its international sales.

As Extenda has indicated in a note, the firm has adapted its technology to the renewable energy sector where they have become a world reference. So much so, that «95 percent of the solar shields of the solar concentrated Solar towers of the most important solar thermal installations worldwide have the signature of Refractaris.»

From the company they have indicated this year 2019 as “an outstanding year for exports”, where they will close with an international sales quota of 70 percent of their total turnover. Currently, Refractaris has delegations in Morocco, Chile and South Africa, mature markets and of great importance to the company, and continues its growth in markets such as China and Dubai.

Refractaris has had Extenda-Andalusian Agency for Foreign Promotion in different services related to attending international fairs and trade missions. “The existence of Extenda is very interesting for us. There are many international doors that cost to open and there Extenda is a very remarkable tool for this ”, commented the CEO of the firm, Antonio María.


The company directs its future to continue its growth in the renewable energy and technology sector, while increasing its market share in the solar circle, the place with the highest radiation on the planet: southern Tibet, Arabian Peninsula, north and South Africa, desert areas of America and southern Europe.

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