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Qinghai: Accelerate the construction of a number of 100,000-kilowatt-scale concentrated solar power projects, and give full play to the advantages of flexible regulation of concentrated solar power
admin | 2023-08-28 18:00:36    

On August 23, Qinghai Provincial Development and Reform Commission and Qinghai Provincial Energy Bureau jointly issued the Implementation Plan of Carbon Peak in the Energy Sector of Qinghai Province(hereinafter referred to as the"Plan")and issued a notice.

The Plan points out that to promote a multipolar support clean energy supply capacity.

The intensive development of wind power and photovoltaic is clear,and the large-scale development of wind power and photovoltaic is promoted in an overall manner.The multi-energy complementary development mode is adopted, focusing on deserts, Gobi and desertification areas. On the basis of meeting the requirements of national spatial planning, use control and climate feasibility demonstration, the layout of"three categories and one area"large bases is planned. Key accelerate the construction of Hainan Gobi Base and Qaidam Desert base, timely advance in stages source network storage integration, construction of market-oriented projects such as concentrated solar power integration. Adjust measures to local conditions to promote pv desertification.

The plan emphasizes the prudent development of concentrated solar power.We will give full play to the advantages of flexible regulation of concentrated solar power,power grid support and promotion of new energy consumption,and promote the diversified development and construction of concentrated solar power.We will innovate technology development models and demonstrate and promote concentrated solar power and photovoltaic integration friendly fusion power stations.Accelerate the construction of a number of 100,000-kilowatt concentrated solar power projects,promote the development of key components of various types of concentrated solar power,molten salt and other core materials and system integration technology,and strive to cultivate the core technology and industrial chain advantages of concentrated solar power with independent intellectual property rights.


According to the statistics of CSPPLAZA, currently located in three gorges energy hercynian base in qinghai golmud pv-csp projects,the three gorges energy qinghai qingyu dc 1000 MW pv-csp projects, CGN solar energy solar delingha 1 million KW pv-csp projects(800000 KW pv+200000 KW csp), POWERCHINA Gonghe 1 million KW pv-csp projects and so on.A number of new energy large base projects with concentrated solar power systems are actively promoting the construction,in addition to a number of similar projects are also actively planning or preparatory work.

The Plan said Improving the peak regulation capacity of multi-energy complementary energy storage can be achieved by developing high-quality peak regulation power supply,such as carrying out joint regulation operation demonstration of concentrated solar power participating in peak regulation system, so as to improve the safety and stability level of power system.


The Plan points out that to build open sharing energy cooperation system. We will hold the Belt and Road Forum on Clean Energy Development, establish an international cooperation mechanism, establish a strategic channel for opening up, build a platform for investment and cooperation in the energy and resources sector, foster a new model of "Internet plus exhibition", promote clean energy development and concerted actions to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality, and promote the global use of technologies,equipment and services in photovoltaic, molten salt and energy storage. We will create a new model for clean energy cooperation along the Belt and Road.


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