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POWERCHNIA Gonghe 50MW CSP Project strives to connect to the grid by June 30
2019-04-26 17:47:16    

Reported from CSPPLAZA: As one of China’s first batch of CSP demonstration projects, POWERCHNIA Qinghai Gonghe 50MW molten salt tower CSP project is now under rapid construction. 

At present, the installation of heliostats and molten salt storage tank has been basically completed and the installation of receiver is in progress. The project is expected to connect to the grid by June 2019. At that time, it will be the fourth grid-tied CSP plant and the third grid-tied tower CSP plant among China’s first batch of CSP demonstration projects.

During the China International CSP Conference(CPC2019)to be held on 10-12,July,in Suzhou, China,  the project owner Northwest Engineering Corp will share the project’s operation results in-depth.

If you want to know more details about the project or have communication with Northwest Engineering Corp, please click to download the CPC2019 Conference Registration Form or contact: Catherine@cspplaza.com

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