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Overview of Shouhang Dunhuang 100MW Molten Salt Tower CSP Project
2018-08-06 13:47:18    

Reported from CSPPLAZA: Shouhang Dunhuang 100MW Molten Salt Tower CSP Project, one of the first batch of CSP pilot projects in China is now undergoing steady progress in development. The project, belonging to the second phase of Shouhang’s Dunhuang CSP plan (Phase one 10MW completed) is the largest molten salt tower CSP plant during construction period in China. The solar field it equipped with will be the largest one in the world after completion of construction.

Project Schedule:

  • May, 2018, civil work completed;

  • Feb., 2018, 1000 heliostats installed;

  • Nov. 4th, 2017, tower completed;

  • May 13th, 2017, structural construction ofadministration building finished;

  • Nov., 2016, field leveling work started,core component procurement and main work construction began;

  • Nov. 9th, 2015, construction started;

  • 2014, project design began;

Progress expectation:

End of 2018, to be connected to the grid.

Project Participants:

Developer and investor: Beijing Shouhang IHW Resources Saving Technology Company Ltd (Shouhang)

Main participants and bidding information:

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