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Officially commenced construction! The 100MW solar thermal project of Golmud of Three Gorges Energy contracted by China Energy Engineering Group Northwest China Electric Power Test Research Institute Co., Ltd has started
admin | 2023-04-21 11:02:54    

Recently, China Energy Engineering Group Northwest China Electric Power Test Research Institute Co., Ltd led the general contract of Three Gorges Energy Qinghai Golmud 100 MW solar thermal power generation project officially started construction.

The project is located in Utumeigren Solar Power Base, Geermu city, Haixi prefecture, Qinghai Province, and is 100MW of the 1.6GW photovoltaic solar thermal project of the Three Gorges Haixi Base. In this period, it is planned to build a 100 MW fusion salt tower solar thermal project and a 110 kV booster station, which will be sent out by a 110 kV line. The mirror field adopts 115.75m2 large heliostat, and the mirror field area is about 747,500 square meters.

The project will demonstrate the deep coupling integration application mode of solar thermal photovoltaic. By optimizing the scale ratio of different power sources of solar thermal power and photovoltaic power and cooperative operation and scheduling, the overall power quality will be improved, the output stability of the system will be improved, the peak regulation operation capacity of solar thermal power will be played, and the economic benefits of the power station will be significantly improved. 

The implementation of the project explores a feasible path for the large-scale development of renewable energy in Qinghai Province in the future, and is of great significance to improving the consumption level of clean energy in Qinghai Province, better promoting the construction of a new power system, and helping the transformation and upgrading of the national energy structure.



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