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One-day output of CGN Delingha 50MW CSP plant broke 800,000 kWh
2019-04-19 11:09:31    

Reported from CSPPLAZA: On April 16, 2019, power generation of CGN Solar Delingha 50MW parabolic trough CSP plant broke 800,000 kWh in a single day, which is the maximum one-day power generation since the project was put into operation on October 10, 2018. 

This good result is benefited from the construction team’s efforts to optimize the operation of the system and improve efficiency. 

CGN Solar Delingha 50MW parabolic trough CSP plant is the first commercial CSP project and the first operational demonstration CSP project in China.

China International CSP Conference(CPC2019)is to be held on 10-12,July, in Suzhou, China. During the conference, the project developer CGN New Energy Delingha Co.,Ltd. will share in-depth the construction and operation experience of the project. 

To know more details about the project, please join in the CPC2019. For more information about the conference, please contact: Catherine@cspplaza.com

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