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MMYPEM participates in Shagaya 50MW CSP Project 's maintenance works
2019-04-17 17:50:29    

MMYPEM will perform maintenance works in the 50MW CSP Shagaya plant, a project where the company was the winning tender for the assembly of the solar field, BOP equipment and turbine.

This intervention will improve the functioning of the energy storage system. The ongoing maintenance is expected to last several months.

Developed by the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, the Shagaya 50MW CSP plant is part of the First Phase of 2GW Shagaya Renewable Park located in the town of Al Yahra (Kuwait) and has been in full operation since February 2019. 

In 2030 Shagaya Renewable Park complex will have a capacity of 2,000 MW installed renewable energy. Khaled al-Fadhel, Kuwaiti oil minister, described the Shagaya as a “pioneer” project in the country’s ambition to provide 15 percent of its power needs from renewable sources.

China International CSP Conference(CPC2019) is to be held  on 10-12,July,in Suzhou, China. During the conference, Global pababolic trough technology manufacturers will conduct in-depth exchanges to discuss the construction experience of PARABOLIC TROUGH CSP projects.

For more details of the conference, please contact: Catherine@cspplaza.com


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