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Jilin Tongyu 100MW tower solar thermal project concentrating and collecting system, steam generator and steam turbine generator set winning the bid candidate publicity
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On April 24, State Power Investment Co., Ltd released the bidding candidates of steam turbine generator set, steam generator and concentrating heat collection system of 100MW solar thermal project of Lugu DC 1.4 GW outward transmission project of Jixi Base of Jilin Power Co., Ltd.

Cosin Solar Technology Co., Ltd, a member of CSPPLAZA platform, is the first candidate to win the bid for concentrating heat collection system equipment.

Xizi Clean Energy Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd, a member of CSPPLAZA platform, is the first candidate to win the bid for the steam generator system equipment.

Harbin Turbine Co., Ltd, is the first candidate to win the bid for steam turbine equipment.

According to previous reports, the Lugu DC 1.4 GW transmission project 1(solar thermal 100MW) project of Jixi Base of Jilin Electric Power Co., Ltd is jointly constructed by State Power Investment Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Zhongguang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and Power Construction Corporation of China. As an integral part of the "Three Gorges of Land Scenery" in Jilin Province, the commencement ceremony of the project was held on October 28, 2021.

Among them, the 100MW tower solar thermal unit is invested and constructed by Tongyu Zhongji Solar Thermal Power Co., Ltd. It adopts the tower molten salt technology route of single tower and single mirror field, and is equipped with 8h heat storage system, steam generation system, high temperature ultra-high pressure reheating pure condensing-turbine generator system and other auxiliary facilities, as well as 40MW electric heater. The electric heater can heat the molten salt to store the abandoned power of wind power or photovoltaic, and collect it to the booster station of photovoltaic power station through a 220kV cable. The project is scheduled to start in November 2022 and be put into operation in June 2024.



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