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Plastic Films to Replace Fragile Glass,HELIOtube Aims towards the Future of Parabolic Trough Plants
2019-04-29 11:42:58    

Reported from CSPPLAZA: China International CSP Conference & CSPPLAZA 2019 Annual Conference (CPC2019) will be held in Suzhou, China on July 10th~12th. Heliovis will participate in CPC2019 as the Booth Sponsor.

Since 1980s when the first batch of commercial parabolic trough solar thermal power plants was built in California, the glass mirrors and steel has been the main components of heat-collecting system of all commercial CSP-technologies. 

To further improve the economic efficiency of parabolic trough plants, Austrian company’s HELIOVIS creats a brand new technology, named HELIOtube, which is an innovative inflatable and lightweight collector to overturn the conventional design. It is a collector with 220m in length, 9m in diameter, and a world-record homogenous mirror of 1,600m2 (8m width and 200m length). 

“In fact, both conventional parabolic trough collectors and the HELIOtube are designed around the same principles. The only but essential difference is that the latter uses recyclable plastic films as a raw material to replace fragile glass. This is the key to significantly reduce costs in all stages of the value chain. Due to the flexible production process, simple logistics, low cost and very high modularity fully flexible CSP-solutions can be tailored to the customers’ needs − be it for smaller scale (industrial heat) or utility-scale (electricity) applications.” Mr. Neng Fan, HELIOVIS’ General Manager in China, said in an interview with CSPPLAZA.

About Heliovis:

HELIOVIS is a smart-tech company founded in 2009 with its head office in Vienna, Austria. It is a technology and engineering company that develops and markets a new type of sun-light collector both for industrial applications (steam) and for utility-scale CSP plants (electricity). The collector is made of inflatable plastic films and allows significant cost reductions in both CAPEX and OPEX compared to the most advanced glass mirror-based trough technologies. 

With partners they are fostering use of solar thermal power in various applications including – but not limited to – process heat, solar cooling, water desalination, enhanced oil recovery as well as the generation of electricity. The global network expands over all continents with partnerships with governmental and international organizations, renowned corporations, confident investors, and renowned research facilities, etc.

About CPC2019:

CPC2019 is the largest and the most professional international annual event in global CSP industry. Since 2014, the CSPPLAZA annual conference has been consecutively held for five years with over 3000 participants in total from all over the world. 

As the wind vane of the CSP industry, CSPPLAZA Annual Conference has now formed a wide-ranging influence in the global CSP industry. Under the theme of Building the Global CSP Community, the Conference is to help all industry participants to develop together in a sustainable way. 

For more details about the conference, please contact: Catherine@cspplaza.com

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