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Gansu Energy storage new policy: solar thermal storage heat peak regulation capacity and other energy storage technologies can also be regarded as new energy projects with energy storage!
admin | 2023-08-21 10:21:35    

On August 16,the Development and Reform Commission of Gansu Energy Bureau issued the Notice on Matters related to Energy Storage Configuration of Centralized New Energy Projects in Gansu Province(hereinafter referred to as the Notice).The Notice stipulates that the proportion of allocation and storage of the first batch of solar wind,the second batch of solar wind,new energy stock projects and other projects should be increased in a timely manner.

Among them,the energy storage allocation proportion of the first batch of solar wind projects is 5%/2h and 10%/2h;The allocation and storage ratio of the second batch of solar wind is 10%/2h and 15%/4h.

The Notice also encourages the construction of energy storage projects.Diversified development of new energy storage is encouraged.In addition to electrochemical energy storage,energy storage technologies such as compressed air energy storage,gravity energy storage,flywheel energy storage,peak regulation capacity of gas units,peak regulation capacity of solar thermal storage and installed capacity of electrolyzed water hydrogen generation can also be regarded as energy storage for new energy projects and participate in peak regulation and frequency modulation in the province.

The original text of the notice reads as follows:


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