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CSP Services:Economic benefits of expert consulting in early project phases
zlj | CSPPLAZA | 2019-08-06 10:51:27    

Reported from CSPPLAZA: Recently, at the China International CSP Conference held in Suzhou, China, Klaus Pottler, Managing Director of CSP Services Gmbh & Thomas Thaufelder, Head Expert Consulting of CSP Services Gmbh delivered a speech entitled”Economic benefits of expert consulting in early project phases ”.


Pic:Thomas Thaufelder


Pic: Klaus Pottler

What can CSP Services offer?

CSP Services is an proven CSP expertise combined with exclusive engineering background and the most recognized company in concentrator tests, which has collaboration and license contracts with German Aerospace Center (DLR).

According to Klaus Pottler, CSP Services can offer specific measurements for CSP plants, such as: shape measurements, receiver alignment check, tracking check, module alignment check,etc.

Benefits of early Expert Consulting Services

Performance optimization for CSP Plants is complex and there may be a series of results of On-Site checks: deficient tracking, poor receiver alignment, dead load deformations, collector torsion, poorly aligned mirrors, ball joint issues, cracked and hot receivers, solar field control issues......CSP plants must be repaired at high costs if these problems occurs.

So it is better to improve quality assurance in design and plant assembly. And early involvement of experts could reduce risks and secure profit.

Applicable specialist work includes: expert consulting services to improve conceptual design, quality control during construction to improve risk management, performance analysis during operation to assess energy yield, etc.

Application of proper software tools to guarantee the quality of Consulting Services

QFoto/QDec and further techniques could be applied to quality checks during construction. The new tool Qfly could be applied to energy yield assessment in O&M-Phase.

Energy Yield Assessment with QFly UAV is available for large solar fields, which has low interference with operation.

With QFly UAV,  It takes only a few days to complete the measurement of entire solar field of a 50MW CSP plant, which greatly shortens the construction period.

In addition to the O&M-Phase, the QFly system can also be used to optimize the performance of the plant's solar field. Through survey, high-precision measurement and thermo detection of QFly UAV, the problems existing in the solar field can be quickly found and improved.

Please watch the video to get more details about the wonderful speech:

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