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CSP Services’ QFly receives CSPPLAZA Technology Innovation Award 2019
zlj | helioscsp | 2019-09-03 11:48:11    

CSP Services received the CSPPLAZA Technology Innovation Award 2019 for the international market application of the QFly drone collector qualification system. Representing also the German Aerospace Center (DLR), which was honored for the system development, CSP Services’ managing director Klaus Pottler received the price from Luis Crespo (President of the Spanish industry association Protermosolar) at the annual CSPPLAZA conference in Suzhou, China.

QFly is an aerial measurement system that uses the most advanced methods for optical characterization of CSP plants in order to provide concentrator shape quality and tracking behavior of parabolic troughs. The application of a thermal camera on the drone permits additionally the analysis of thermal properties (e.g. screening of aged receiver tubes). QFly is much faster than regular ground measurements and can be used either for a one-time survey of the CSP plant condition or as an uncomplicated regular monitoring tool. The measurement of an entire solar field the size of several square kilometers takes only few days. QFly has already been successfully used in commercial applications around the world. With the measurement results the commissioning time of a CSP plant can be shortened, the yield of the plant can be boosted, maintenance cycles can be optimized and warranty claims can be solved.


Award ceremony of the CSPPLAZA Technology Innovation Award 2019. Left: Luis Crespo, President of Protermosolar, Right: Klaus Pottler, Managing Director of CSP Services. Photo: Julius von Papp

The award ceremony took place on July, 10th, 2019 at the «China International CSP Conference and CSPPLAZA Annual Conference». Other award winners are the Spanish company Abengoa and the Australian company Vast Solar. QFly technology has already been awarded for the second time. In 2018 it received the SolarPACES Technology Award.

CSP Services GmbH (www.cspservices.de) is a private and completely independent spin-off company of the German Aerospace Center (DLR). The company was established in 2007 and has offices in Cologne (Germany) and Almería (Spain). CSP Services is a worldwide leading engineering and testing company acting as an independent service provider in the field of concentrating solar power.

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