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CPECC Hami 50MW Tower CSP project starts receiver hoisting
zlj | CSPPLAZA | 2019-10-15 14:20:47    

Reported from CSPPLAZA: On October 5th, the first piece of receiver outer walls of CPECC Hami 50MW Tower CSP project was successfully hoisted in place, which lays the foundation for the next installation of receiver pipe, electric heat tracing and thermal insulation. 

There are totally 16 pieces of receiver outer walls, each of which is 18090mm long, 2730mm wide and 650 mm high.


CPECC Hami 50MW Tower CSP project is one of China’s first batch of CSP demonstration projects. The solar field of the project adopts uniquely the Stellio heliostat of SBP, which features a unique pentagon design with a net aperture area of 47.5 square meters. Once completed, it is estimated that the project can generate 1.9835 billion kWh of clean electricity each year.

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