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Containing 343MWht molten salt energy storage system! EPC bidding for Tongxiang Juneng Qitai hybrid energy storage and energy supply demonstration Project
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On April 21, Tongxiang Juneng Qitai Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. issued a bidding announcement for the engineering design, procurement and construction general contracting (EPC) of the company's proposed multi-energy coupling intelligent low-carbon energy supply demonstration project based on hybrid energy storage.

Project Overview:

Estimated investment of the bidding project: approximately RMB252,663,200; Estimated bidding price: 249.5 million yuan. It is planned that the main construction will be topped by the end of December 2023 and put into operation by the end of May 2024.

The project is located in the open space of east Wenhe Road, north Gaoxin Third Road and west Nanri Port, Tongxiang Development Zone, Jiaxing city, Zhejiang Province. It is planned to build a set of melting salt energy storage system with effective heat storage of 343MWht, 1×6.5MW generator and supporting pipe network, access and other auxiliary facilities.

In valley power stage, the project uses molten salt electric heating system for energy storage, and the energy storage consumption is about 70MW; In the peak power phase, the high temperature and high pressure steam generated by the molten salt heat exchange system enters the steam turbine to generate electricity.

Due to the small installed scale and the power generation of the generator of the cogeneration project determined by the steam supply, it has little impact on the regional power grid and can be used as a supplement to the regional power grid to appropriately reduce the power grid loss. After the completion of the construction of this project, while providing steam for the park, the electricity that the thermal power plant can send is about 0.2245×108kWh/ year.

Molten salt energy storage, as a clean and low-carbon energy storage technology that has been maturely applied to solar thermal power stations, has the same functions as electrochemical energy storage, such as power peak cutting and valley filling, power grid peak adjustment, etc. In essence, it plays the role of energy translation, which will not cause an increase in the total amount of local energy consumption in Jiaxing. In addition, through the unique function of low cost, large capacity and long time energy storage, the green and low-carbon energy during the grain period is evenly divided into 24 hours a day, which not only meets the current energy consumption double control target, but also is conducive to Tongxiang city to successfully achieve the upcoming carbon emission double control target.



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