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Construction on Luneng Haixi 50MW Tower CSP project continues in winter
2019-01-11 14:35:44    

Reported from CSPPLAZALuneng Haixi 50MW Tower CSP project is currently entering the construction peak period and is scheduled to be put into operation in June 2019.

More than 140 heliostats have been installed and commissioned; the pouring of steam turbine generators concrete foundation has been completed and the concrete tower has been constructed to 147.4 meters. The overall civil work of the project has been successfully completed; basic construction work on the transformer room of heat storage, chemical water, air cooling is basically finished; the heat storage and transfer system, deaerator and evaporator drum in SGS system have been all in place. The pipeline installation has started now; fire prevention measures on the hot, cold salt tank have been finished, comprehensive construction on which has commenced.

Picture: the tower

Picture: the huge tent

Due to winter construction phase, the bad weather such as low temperature, severe cold, strong wind and dust weather has caused great difficulties for the construction of the project. To ensure the installation of molten salt tank, a special protective cover was made to keep the sand away and to create welding condition for it. Made of PVC material, the inflatable tent is 23 meters high, 44 meters in diameter, weighs 4.7 tons, and has a volume of 41054.34 cubic meters, being the largest tent in Asia. The construction of storage tank in winter is effectively ensured after the installation of the tent.

More project information of Luneng Haixi Tower CSP plant, please refer to: Project overview of Luneng Haixi 50MW CSP project

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