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Construction is scheduled to start in September! Inquiry for general contracting heat storage and exchange and conventional island construction and installation of Wusitong solar thermal + photovoltaic integration project
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On August 14,Power China Zhongnan Survey and Design Institute Co.,Ltd made an open inquiry on the construction and installation project of heat storage and exchange island and conventional island of Wusitong csp+pv integration project in Tokxun County,Turpan City.

Name of Tendering Service: Construction and installation work of Heat storage and Exchange Island and conventional Island

Project Overview

The project is located 6 km south of Provincial Highway S301 in Tokxun County(Wusitonggou),Turpan City,Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region,and north of Wusitonggou Reservoir.The total area of the project is about 35,536.79 mu(including about 180 hectares of csp area),which is about 48km away from the urban area of Tokxun County.There is provincial road S301 passing by near the site.The existing road entering the site is connected with the nearby county road or provincial road,which has convenient transportation and good construction conditions.

The 100MW solar thermal energy storage power station of the project adopts the tower concentrated light power technology route,with a heat collection area of 440400 square meter and a heat storage time of 8h.The tower molten salt solar thermal station is used for solar thermal energy storage,and the supporting steam turbine is in the form of ultra-high pressure,primary intermediate reheat,8-stage heat recovery,lower exhaust steam and direct air condensing steam turbine,with a rated capacity of 100MW.It is planned to build a 110kV solar thermal booster station outside the main solar thermal plant 4.The solar thermal booster station uses the primary cable to access the 110kV bus side of the 1#photovoltaic booster station,and sends it out in bundles with the photovoltaic booster station.

This project is an integrated project of csp+pv,and the dividing point is the 110kV bus side of No.1 220kV boost collection station.The 110kV outgoing line of this project shall be measured by two-way pass,and the 110kV outgoing line,approach road,water use(including temporary),electricity use(including temporary)and other projects shall be connected and constructed by the photovoltaic field.

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