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Construction is scheduled to start in May! EPC bidding of New Energy Ruoqiang 100MW tower solar thermal project of Power Construction Corporation of China
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On April 22, Ruoqiang Power Construction Ruida New Energy Co., Ltd. issued a bidding announcement on the solar thermal EPC general contracting project of the company's 100MW solar thermal (energy storage) + 900MW photovoltaic demonstration project in Ruoqiang County.

Project Overview:

Project construction site:
The project site is located in Ruoqiang County, Bayingoling Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang, 190km southeast of Ruoqiang County. The total land area of the project is 28,216.56 acre.

Project construction scale:
The 100MW solar thermal energy storage power station of the project adopts the tower concentrated light power technology route, with a heat collection area of 650,000 square meter and a heat storage time of 8h. The tower molten salt solar thermal power station is used for solar thermal energy storage, and the supporting steam turbine is in the form of ultra-high pressure, primary intermediate reheat, 8-stage heat recovery, lower exhaust steam and direct air condensing steam turbine, with a rated capacity of 100MW. The generator - transformer - line group wiring is adopted, the 110kV distribution device is arranged by GIS, and the GIS uses the cable outlet. After the mirror field is out, the No. 2 220kV booster station is connected through the 110kV cable line.

Project duration: 

770 days, scheduled start date: May 21, 2023.



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