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China Energy Engineering Lhasa Damxung County 250MW PV+100MW CSP project commenced
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On the morning of August 30, China Energy Engineering Lhasa Damxung County 250 MW PV+100 MW CSP project held the opening ceremony, this is China Power Engineering Consulting Group Co., Ltd first investment project in Tibet, this will make positive contributions to promoting the economic and social development of Damxung County and improving people's livelihood conditions.


It is reported that China Energy Engineering Lhasa Damxung County 250 MW PV+100 MW CSP project is located in the Tibet autonomous region Lhasa Damxung County Haoru village 7 km southwest, 200 km from Lhasa,4400 meters above sea level. The project overall planning capacity is 650 MW. It includes 100MW thermal storage CSP and 550MW PV project. The project will be divided into two phases. The first phase will be 350MW, including 100MW thermal storage CSP project and 250MW PV project, which will be developed and constructed in accordance with the integrated project of "PV+CSP".

Among them, the first phase of the solar thermal energy storage part is planned to build 1x100MW units, the construction of about 800,000 square meters of trough solar heat collecting circuit heat collecting field, solar thermal power hours of 1751 hours; The 250MW photovoltaic partial solar cell array is composed of 80 3.125MW sub-square arrays, each sub-square array is composed of several solar cell groups in series and parallel.I n the second phase, a 300MW photovoltaic power project will be built, and the solar cell array consists of 96 3.125MW sub-square arrays.


Effect Picture Of The Project

Chen Jiping, general manager of China Power Engineering Consulting Group Co., Ltd, introduced that China Power Engineering Consulting Group Co., Ltd is the core subsidiary of China Energy Construction Group. China Power Engineering is the earliest enterprise involved in the design, investment and construction of CSP projects in China. As early as 2016, the first batch of solar thermal demonstration projects in China, China Power Engineering participated in the investment of "Hami 50MW tower CSP project".

In the field of CSP, China Power Engineering has great technical advantages and rich construction experience. CSP is a kind of renewable energy with high stability, which is of great significance to the construction of a new power system. It has dual functions of peak power supply and energy storage, which is very in line with the needs of power system development in Tibet Autonomous Region and Lhasa region. Nearly two years, China Power Engineering continue to make efforts on CSP integration projects, has approved the "Aksai 100 MW CSP+600 MW PV project" "Gonghe 100 MW CSP+900 MW PV project" "Damxung 100 MW CSP+250 MW PV project".

At present, the feasibility study report preparation, access system review and land lease procedures of the project have been completed, and the Lhasa Development and Reform Commission has obtained the record notice on the project on August 21, which is an important node of the project.In the future, China Power Engineering will comprehensively accelerate the progress of the project and strive to connect the project to the grid as soon as possible.

Northwest Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. (NWEPDI) of China Power Engineering Consulting Group deputy party secretary,general manager Dong Shi introduced,the project plan with a total investment of about$5 billion, the first phase of construction investment of about 3.8 billion yuan. The project can create 150 long-term local jobs.The year after the completion of the project to produce green electricity 495 million degrees, can save about 116000 t/a of standard coal, a year can reduce soot emissions by 5.8 t, accordingly reduce NOx emissions by 57.9 t, reducing SO2 emissions by 40.5 t, reduce CO2 emissions by 104000 t, which can effectively reduce atmospheric pollution. This project has the good economic and social benefits, is the symbol of the "green light" demonstration project.

According to the announcement of the results of the competitive allocation of PV projects in Lhasa, PV and indicators dispersed in Lhasa Damxung County (375,000 KW PV index and 150,000 KW CSP index), Nimu County (100,000KW PV index), Maizhokunggar County (300,000 KW PV index), Qushui County (100,000 KW PV index), Linzhou County (100,000 KW PV index); Comprehensive statistics total 975,000 KW PV, 150,000 KW CSP.


Damxung County won the bid for China Power Engineering Consulting Group Co., Ltd, and CGNPC Wind Power Co., Ltd, in configuration index respectively China Power Engineering 250,000 KW PV index,100,000 KW CSP index; CGNPC Wind Power 125,000 KW PV index, 50,000 KW CSP index [See the table above for details].

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