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Argentina projects a concentrated solar power plant
zlj | helioscsp | 2019-09-23 14:13:45    

Jujeños technicians and the rionegrina state company Applied Investigations (Invap) made field records in the Puna region and defined technical aspects around the construction of a project of a solar thermal power plant in the department of Susques.

The work was carried out among engineers of the state-owned Jujuy Energy and Mining Company of the State (Jemse) with Invap peers, from where through an agreement, signed in June, committed the contribution of technologies for energy production of solar thermal in the Puna jujeña.

The established project will grant the current mode of photovoltaic power generation that is being promoted in Jujuy, a complementary solar thermal system that will allow to produce energy during the 24 hours and provide greater stability to the transmission of the generated electric energy.

The development of the necessary technology, provided by the prestigious rionegrino institute, could be reflected in the installation of a solar thermal model, which would allow to demonstrate with its operation and production not only the profitability to be commercialized to the world, but also the benefits it offers in environmental care terms.

Within this framework, a work was carried out in the territory, whereby the team of technicians was conducting field research in recent days, visiting the mining companies Sales de Jujuy and Exar, as well as the Cauchari solar power plant, which is located in construction in the Puna and will be the largest in Latin America.

On the other hand, meetings that allowed the revision of the CSP project protocol and the preparation of technical documents were also held at the Jemse offices in the provincial capital.

Engineers María Paula Bouzá (Project Manager), Pablo Florido, Rodolfo Carlevari and Rodrigo Salinas participated in the Invap, while Jemse head Carlos Oehler, along with Martín Altamirano, Guillermo, are leading the work with Giralt and Javier Saquilán.

Invap already has a development, although incipient, of the type of solar thermal that is intended to be built, hence the ideal of turning that research and development process into a strategic project for generating clean energy.

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