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Acciona&Abengoa Celebrates International Workers’ Day at the Cerro Dominador CSP Plant
2019-05-13 10:00:40    

The day, which was celebrated on 1 May, recognised the important health and safety work carried out on the project, as well as those workers whose contribution has helped to bring about greater safety on the project.

The consortium formed by ACCIONA and Abengoa to construct the Cerro Dominador solar-thermal power plant, a project owned by Eig Global Energy Partners, celebrated International Workers’ Day on 1 May. The event was attended by 630 workers from the project and supported by the SINAMI trade union. 

The day, held at the plant’s facilities in the Chilean Atacama Desert, highlighted the important health and safety work carried out on the project, and recognised the work and commitment of the workers, rewarding those whose contribution has helped to ensure greater safety on the project. 

Various interactive activities were also held during the celebration to reinforce workers’ commitment to the project and strengthen their teamwork. 

The event was also attended by various well-known artists, as well as managers from the ACCIONA-Abengoa consortium: 

● Project Management Department: Francisco García / Héctor Berlangieri 

● Site Management: Andrés Rodrigo 

● Manufacturing and Construction Department: Manuel Calero / Aldrin Osnaya


Cerro Dominador is the first solar-thermal plant in Latin America, which will reach a capacity of 110 MW using 10,600 heliostats to redirect solar radiation onto a solar receiver positioned 252 metres above the ground. 

The project will enable clean energy to be generated in a manageable way 24-hours a day, making this a unique project among the country’s Non-Conventional Renewable Energy initiatives. 

Cerro Dominador will also be capable of preventing up to 640,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year. Construction of the Cerro Dominador solar thermal plant began in August 2018 and is scheduled for completion by 2020.

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Source: http://helioscsp.com

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