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First Molten Salt Fresnel Plant-Lanzhou Dacheng Dunhuang 50MW Molten Salt Fresnel Plant Has Been Put Into Full Construction
2018-07-02 11:24:28    

Reported from CSPPLAZA: On the morning of June 29, Lanzhou Dacheng Dunhuang 50MW Molten Salt Fresnel CSP Demonstration Project, one of China’s first batch of CSP demonstration projects was fully put into construction, which marked the project has officially entered the large-scale construction phase.

The project was officially started in 2017. The preliminary design review and main equipment bidding work have been completed, and the construction of some collector field has been carried out. It is expected that in the next year or so, a new molten salt Fresnel CSP station will be built up in Dunhuang CSP Industrial Park.

On June 22, the project financing and EPC contract were formally signed. The project financing party was identified as China National Electric Construction Leasing Co., Ltd. HydroChina ZhongNan Engineering Corporation, (subordinate to Power Construction Corporation of China and HydroChina Corporation) was identified as the project EPC party.

The resolution to the biggest problem, financing that hinders the project development process has cleared the biggest obstacles in the early development of the project and laid a solid foundation for the comprehensive construction of the project. This enables us to see this project start full construction today.

Source: https://aalborgcsp365-my.sharepoint.com

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