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2020 China International CSP Conference & CSPPLAZA 7th Annual Conference will be held in June 2020
Catherine | CSPPLAZA | 2020-01-02 18:16:27    

Report from CSPPLAZA: The largest and the most professional international annual event -China International CSP Conference & CSPPLAZA 7th Annual Conference will be held in June 2020.


Since 2014, the CSPPLAZA annual conference has been held for six consecutive years. The 2017 conference in Hangzhou has set an industry record with 1,000+ participants.

As the wind vane of the CSP industry, CSPPLAZA Annual Conference has now formed a wide-ranging influence in the global CSP industry.

2020 is the intersection year between the end of the 13th five year plan and the beginning of the 14th five year plan. The energy industry is undergoing profound reformation. The renewable energy industry is ushering in the era of great changes. Where is the destination of CSP during the 14th five year plan?

Organizer: CSPPLAZA,the leading media and the most popular offline business activity organizer in global CSP industry.

Time and place: June 2020,China 

Duration: three days


Features of the conference: the largest, highest level and most professional international annual event in China's CSP industry

Participants : 800 +

The average Participants number during the last 4 years is around 800, The 2020 annual meeting will reach the target of 800 people and strive to break the record of 1028 people in CPC 2016.

Participation scopes: worldwide

CPC2020 conference will invite CSP player from all over the world to join in the grand event. The scale of overseas participants is expected to reach about 150.

Conference content: covering global hot topic in CSP industry

The topic of CPC2020 will be deeply discussed through the main forum and multiple sub forums.

Exhibition scale: 60 exhibitors expected


CPC2020 will set 60 exhibition booth to comprehensively display the leading products and technologies from global supply chain, and promote in-depth exchanges and cooperation between the supply and demand sides.

Annual award: cspplaza awards 2020 annual award will be released


S&D guidebook : The 6th edition of 2020 China’s CSP Industry Supply Chain 2020 will be published

The Guidebook aims to build a cooperative communication platform for practitioners in the CSP industry, which is now an essential tool to help buyers quickly find quality suppliers and help suppliers to more accurately grasp market demand and achieve efficient market expansion.

This manual book covers all Chinese CSP practitioners. As of now, a total of nearly 600 piece of products&service information from about 400 suppliers have been included.

CPC 2020 now sincerely invites all the leading enterprises in the CSP industry to join the grand conference, and to promote the sustainable development of the CSP industry.


Sponsorship cooperation has began,please do not hesitate to contact us

Email: catherine@cspplaza.com

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