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Overview of Gansu Akesai 50MW Molten Salt Trough Project
2018-08-21 16:25:54    

Reported from CSPPLAZA: Gansu Akesai 50MW Molten Salt Trough project with a planned investment of 1.983 billion yuan is 50 megawatts(MW) in capacity. It adopts parabolic trough techonology with 15 hours of full-load energy storage. Different from the common parabolic trough plants use iron glass as mirror, the project features high aluminum glass with higher reflectivity.

China Energy Engineering Group Shanxi Electric Power Construction Co.,Ltd. has contracted for the construction of the project and Gansu Solar Thermal Generation Co.,Ltd. will be responsible for the implementing. It will dispatch 260 million kWh electricity annually after construction completed, and help to guarantee a stable electricity supply.

Project Schedule:
June. 2017, civil work started.

Progress expectation:
June. 2019, to be connected to the grid.

Project Participants:

Owner: Shenzhen Jinfan Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Developer: Tianjin Binhai Concentrating Solar Power Investment Co., Ltd
Engineering Services for The Molten Salts System: IDOM

Main participants and bidding information:

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