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What Signals Are Behind The Details of Qinghai CSP Symposium?

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30th July, 2015 may be a day people in CSP world will never forget. It is a day that has brought catalytic values to break the deadlock of CSP market in China.


Photo:LiuQi and the delegation’s site visit to Delingha CSP Projects

NEA Deputy Director General’s first site visit To CSP projects

On 30 July, a delegation headed by LiuQi, deputy director at NEA(National Energy Administration) visited 2 CSP projects in Delingha, Haixizhou City, Qinghai province, and deployed the next phase’s key tasks for CSP industry, among which power price policy is emphasized. It is worth noting that this is the first time such level of NEA’s officials made site visit to demonstration CSP projects in China.

After visiting the 2 projects, the delegation held a symposium which continued till 8pm. The symposium attendees includes Qinghai DRC, Haixizhou government , SGCC, CREEI, SUPCON, China Guodian Corporation, Qinghai GuangRe Power Group, etc, and the delegates from these units made reports regarding CSP issues, especially projects terms. After their reports, LiQi made an approximate 40-minute speech.

At about 9pm, 30 July, journalist at CSPPLAZA made timely contacted delegates like CGN, who attended this symposium. “This research activity is a turning point for CSP industry. Deputy LiuQi

expressed 2 cores: The first is to launch demonstration projects by the end of 2015. The second is to strengthen communication with Price Department to boost policy release, especially price policy. The current situation is like that of PV in 2011, a period PV called for benchmark price from the government”, some senior delegate said.

NEA’s first high-profile propaganda on CSP

This symposium is like a fire that has lighted all people in CSP industry. In the evening of 31 July, a news headed” CSP Industry Development Symposium was held in Qinghai” was spread all over Wechat Friend Circle and every WXG of CSPPLAZA. This news was welcomed with waves of thumb-up, some industry insiders also praised it positive significance.

“Good news, I’m so excited with it.”, comment of SunRui, Vice Director at  Electrical Planning and Design Institute on this news. And some other officials who were always in silence in WXG also come active and pushed this news., claiming that CSP industry will be another major new energy.

Another notable detail is that this news was derived from the official website of NEA,and it was the headline. These activities indicate the signal that NEA is paying much attention to CSP, thus made the propaganda. In addition, after the news appearance on NEA’s official website, many key media such as Xinhua Net, People’s Network, GMW and China Network forwarded it. By the morning of 1 Aug, the news has been forwarded over 100 times.

This is the first time CSP symposium attracted such broad attention from the media, and the significant reason is about the information delivered by the delegates. LiuQi especially emphasized the importance of propaganda work on the symposium, whose goal is to ensure people that the government has a clear attitude toward CSP industry, thus give them confidence, and drive CSP’s faster development in China.

Work deployments and implementation will be accelerated at a growing rate

From this view, the government’s supportive attitude toward CSP development in is beyond doubt, which is proved in Liu’s words, “China can sufficiently take over strategy commanding point in CSP market. China owns a strong creative power, there are so many private and state-owned enterprises, so China has this ability.”

He also emphasized “CSP is able to make great contribution to China’s energy mix transformation. CSP technology doesn’t allow solar curtailment, it is friendly to the grid. I hope CSP will occupies a bigger and bigger proportion in energy mix. Besides, CSP development matches quite well with China Western Development.”

Meanwhile, Liu explained why it is necessary to vigorously develop CSP industry in aspects of China’s economy, ecology , environmental protection, etc. In the delegates’ view, Liu’s reasons of developing CSP industry are even more convictive than theirs, though they work in this very industry.

In the 40-min speech, Liu proposed 4 key work points for the next phase.

◆ To continue improve works of resource investigation and assessment of CSP. To complete CSP-13th Five Year Plan. To give directive development goals. To enhance people’s confidence in CSP development.

◆ To start a number of demonstration projects ASAP: early step, early explore, and early experience accumulation, thus to lay firm foundation for further large-scale projects.

◆ To speed up relevant coordination for policy release, especially price policy.

◆ To concentrate key CSP tech. The government should take enterprises as platforms to integrate various resources, to organize all force to make core technology tacking, to occupy CSP technology’s peak point of competition internationally.

But as practitioners in CSP industry, we need to explore only one question is enough: Are these work deployments like a tree without roots? After all, we heard not a few such voice before.

Maybe 2 details can give answer to this question. Firstly, this is the first time minister-level officials at NEA made site visit to CSP projects and gave specific work deployments. Secondly, this is the first publicity claiming support to CSP industry, showing the government’s clear attitude, spreading the government’s specific work plan for CSP industry. So we dare say that Liu’s next work program will be gradually implemented, and proceeded more quickly.

Liu Qi emphasized” This symposium is very significant and meaningful. It is a meeting held after many years’ struggle in CSP industry, in the joint between the 12th-13th Five-year Plan.


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