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Concrete Tower of Qinghai Gonghe 50 MW CSP Plant Has Been Successfully Capped

Reported from CSPPLAZA: According to Power China Northwest Engineering Corporation Co., Ltd., Qinghai Gonghe 50MW Molten Salt Tower CSP Project was successfully capped on September 18.

The construction of the 193m tower lasted for five and half months. The reinforced concrete conical cylinder was adopted for a gradient cross-section structure, and most of the main body adopted a straight section. The tower, one of the most important structures in the whole plant and a key single project impacting the construction period greatly, has been arranged with passages and various auxiliary rooms to meet the process requirement.

By the end of August, the foundation of all of the heliostats was completed; civil work on the key structures including main factory, air-cooled island, chemical water plant, and integrated pump house was finished; office and dormitory area of pre-factory is anticipated to accommodate people before September 30.

Located in Hainan State Ecological Solar Power Park of Qinghai Province, the project has an installed capacity of 50MW and a 6 hours molten salt heat storage system.The project completed the pre-feasibility study in August 2015. In September 2015, it registered Gonghe Northwest Hydropower And Solar Thermal Power Generation Co., Ltd. as the project’s company. It was filed on October 28, 2015 and submitted to the National Demonstration Project in November 2015. It was officially selected as the demonstration project on September 13, 2016.

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