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Tower of Haixi 50MW CSP plant -China First Complementary Multi-energy Demonstration Project Being Capped
2018-11-22 11:30:25    

Reported from CSPPLAZA: On November 21, Tower of Luneng 50MW Tower CSP plant has been successfully capped.

The plant, as part of Luneng Haixi Complementary Multi-energy Demonstration Project, is equipped with 12h energy storage system. And it is expected to inject up to 160 million kWh electricity to the grid after construction completes.

As CSPPLAZA reported earlier, the wall of the tower began construction on June 22, 2018. It lasted for 153 days before the tower is capped.

Tower of the CSP plant in Luneng Haixi Complementary Multi-energy Demonstration Project, located at the center of the power island, has a foundation diameter of 36.4m, and a top diameter of 14.7m, under the 147.4m of which is structure made of RC and from 147.4m to 188.1m is steel structure. The total 18 platforms of the tower wall have 10 maintenance layers, 4 room layers and 4 equipment layers.

The following picture presented can reflect the construction progress of the tower.

excavation of  tower foundation

 pouring of tower foundation

pouring of tower wall

tower built up to 100m

 tower capped

For more informnation,please read http://en.cspplaza.com/project-overview-of-luneng-haixi-50mw-csp-project/

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