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The world’s first ever fashion show staged at Gemasolar CSP plant

If you thought that fashion shows could only happen on regular indoor venues, well, you’re wrong. Model and producer Jessica Minh Anh transforms the world’s most iconic places into thrilling catwalks, including Eiffel Tower, Grand Canyon’s Skywalk, World’s Trade Centre and most recently, solar powerplant Gemasolar in Seville.


On Friday, J Summer Fashion Show 2015 staged the first solar-powered runway at Spain’s innovative, award-winning solarplant, which saw models parading designer pieces, while surrounded by thousands of shining mirrors and its iconic central towers, that could be seen in the background. Fashion show at the solar plant Gemasolar in Seville, Spain

The innovative event presented haute couture and ready-to-wear collections in a futuristic 100-metre runway, surrounded by a circular formation of mirrors.

Appropriate as ever, the show opened with a bold red flamenco dress, bursting with layers and texture – modelled by Minh Anh herself – then a collection of Spanish dresses followed – all created by local designer Pilar Vera. The pieces were teamed up with jewellery by Beijing-based Spanish designer Paloma Sanchez, who unveiled her latest collection inspired by the Chinese culture.

Other designers and artists included Pakistani designer Syeda Amera, Vietnamese celebrity designer Hoang Hai and Pandora accessories.


Paris-based Minh Anh produces these unusual shows three times a year and in 2015 she’s celebrating the 10th anniversary of staging them.

The most recent show, which took two months of preparation, joins an array of dramatic locations. Minh has also gained exclusive access to landmarks including Eiffel Tower, Tower Bridge, One World Trade Center, Petronas Twin Towers’ Skybridge, Seine River in Paris and Hudson River in New York.

Gemasolar is the first plant in the world to create a system that produces electricity 24/7 using only the power of the sun and it has already served as a setting for brands such as Louis Vuitton, Mercedes Benz, Ford and PlayStation.

Minh Anh, who’s also an IT graduate, said: “Gemasolar took my breath away. It represents a rare modern beauty, which sees the best of designs and sustainability efforts in one place.

“I would consider this show my most challenging yet exciting project so far.”

Meanwhile, Gemasolar Plant Manager Raul Mendoza Ruiz said: “It was an honour for TorreSolebEnergy to have Jessica Minh Anh transform Gemasolar into the first ever solar powered catwalk. Having seen her fashion shows on the Eiffel Tower, Grand Canyon Skywalk, London’s Tower Bridge, and One World Trade Center, we knew she was special.

“We find it very meaningful that Jessica chose such an ecological scenario as Gemasolar to showcase fashion. It speaks a lot about her belief in green power.”

Source: The independent

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