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The10kW Dish Concentred solar Heat system in China has put into operation
2018-11-01 13:08:14    

Reported from CSPPLAZA: Recently, Jiangsu Suzhou Tongli high-temperature phase change CSP generation system has been put into operation, in which two sets of dish mirrors, a set of 300kWh high-temperature phase change storage system and 10kW turbine cogeneration system are incorporated.

The working principle:

The sunlight is concentrated onto the receiver after being reflected by dish mirror to convert the solar power into heat. The heat transfer oil is heated to 330 degrees after flowing by receiver and carries the heat into phase change storage tank through piles. The heat is accumulated in the heat storage tank and produces steam through exchangers to drive the turbine. In the night, the phase change medium will release the heat to ensure the plant running for continuous 24 hours. After steam drives the turbine to generate electricity, the exhaust gas can heat water through exchanger, which will enter heating system to realize efficient coneneration.

The dish mirror adopted in the system developed by Major Energy uses the back-plate bonding technology, one-time molding technology developed by itself. The error of the dish mirror face is less than ±1m, and the error of tracking sunlight is less than 1.7mrad. The dish mirror adopts a single-column dual-axis tracking system with high tracking accuracy and an optical interception rate of over 93%. The dish mirror with a cavity receiver can achieve a light-heat conversion efficiency of more than 75%. If the dish mirror is combined with a concentrating control system consisting of a high-precision sun tracking sensor and an automatic control system, the error of the system to the direct solar angle tracking can be less than 1.7mrad.

The technology features high-precision tracking accuracy and stable accuracy life. It can realize 24-hour unattended automatic operation, can be controlled by remote control center, and provides fast wind-shelter and tracking accuracy correction function. And it can provides additional system temperature test interface.

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