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TED Speech: Renewable & Affordable Solar Energy Changing the World

Reported from CSPPLAZA: Renewable energy not only offers electricity to more people at a lower price, but creates jobs in distributive areas. Belén Gallego from ATA addressed a speech on TED about how new energy will change our world.

It may seems unreal but there are still 1.2 billion people currently have limited or no access to energy. Though living in a modern era, they cannot afford any electric devices or electric itself. Good news is that renewable energy will honestly make things different.

Nowadays, Global energy system is changing dramatically while fossil energies (oil, coal,) decrease and renewable energies such as solar, wind, hydro, etc., increase.

Solar energy provides abundant electric without any air pollution and concentrated solar power (CSP) with a thermal energy storage system can be dispatchble even during the night.

Efforts’ put into CSP research have been bringing along lower LCOE and TES cost. It is safe to predict that electric will be almost free sooner than we can image.

Let’s watch the TED speech addressed by Belén Gallego, and see what are exactly her opinions on this subject.

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