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Shouhang Dunhuang 10MW molten salt tower CSP plant will put into operation, open to visitors on December 29th

Reported from CSPPLAZA: According to CSPPLAZA journalist who is at the scene, the 10MW molten salt tower CSP plant in Dunhuang, Gansu province, china, built by Beijing Shouhang IHW Resources Saving Technology Co., Ltd, has been completed and now enters into the final commissioning phase. Meanwhile, the company is applying for network access to the relevant local authorities, and will be put into operation in the coming days.

It’s said that in this project, more than 1500 heliostats are installed in the solar field, and the lighting area per mirror is 115.5㎡; the solar-field aperture area is about 180,000㎡; the height of collecting tower is up to 130 meters. Besides, this project is equiped with one 15-hour heat storage system with 5800 tons molten salt totally, and the salt melting work has been finished on October 17th, after which the molten salt transfer as well as storage system began to be debugged.

The plant, which has been invested RMB 420 million, is the first phase project of Shouhang Dunhuang solar thermal power generation project with the planned installed capacity of more than 400MW, The whole project will be located in CSP industrial park, Qili Town, Dunhuang City. Based on this 10MW project, the 100MW second phase project which has been selected as one of China’s first batch of CSP demonstration projects was broke ground in the early November. And regards to the third 300MW p hase project, Shouhang has also signed an investment framework agreement with the local government.


Figure: Shouhang Dunhuang 10MW molten salt tower CSP plant


Figure: the solar field of Shouhang Dunhuang 10MW molten salt tower CSP plant

Truthfully, this project with 15h energy storage system is the first tower CSP project with such a long storage period in China, and it actually realizes the goal of supplying power in 24 hours continuously. From this point of view, the successful operation of this project will establish a new milestone in the domestic CSP industry development, which will greatly encourge people in developing China’s first batch of demonstration CSP projects.

In addition, CSPPLAZA will held Leaders Summit on Developing China CSP Demonstration Projects & CSPPLAZA 2017 New Year Gathering in Dunhuang on December 28th ~ 29th , 2017. On the afternoon of December 29th, the organizers will arrange for delegates a visit to Shouhang 10 MW molten salt plant in operation, experiencing this grand sight of this project.


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