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Schedule on the First Phase Visiting Tour to CSPPLAZA VIP Members is Released

Reported from CSPPLAZA: Schedule of the first phase of CSPPLAZA’s researching tour visiting CSPPLAZA VIP members has been just confirmed. Seventeen VIP members locating in eastern China will participate in the 14-day tour, which will lasts from 28th August to 10th September, 2017.

Updating Research Tour news (since August 28th):

station 1: SUPCON Solar 

station 2: Hangzhou Boiler 

station 3: Damin Glass 

station 4: RKS 

station 5: XinChen CSP 

station 6: Shanghai Yuzhi  

The researching tour is a public service of CSPPLAZA for CSP industry, open to industry experts, VIP members of CSPPLAZA, financial institutes, research institutes and media without any extra fees.

620 横幅-调研活动招募中

Image: slogan of the researching tour—— Power of Solar 


Image: CSPPLAZA will visit 17 VIP members locating in eastern China in the first phase of researching tour, August. 28th – Sep.10th

Scheduling of First Stage


Research Units

A.M, Aug, 28th

Zhejiang SUPCON Solar Technology Co.,Ltd.

P.M, Aug, 28th

Hangzhou Boiler Group Co.,Ltd.

A.M, Aug, 29th


P.M, Aug, 29th

 Hangzhou Daming Glass Co., Ltd

A.M, Aug, 30th


P.M, Aug,30th

Schneider Electric (China) Investment Co.,Ltd.

A.M, Aug,31th

Flowserve Corporation

P.M, Aug, 31th

Shanghai Rocksensor Automation Co.,Ltd.

A.M, Sep, 1st

Shanghai Parasol renewable Energy Company/Jiangsu XinChen CSP Technology Co., Ltd.

P.M, Sep, 1st

Shanghai Yuzhi Electrical Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd.

September 2nd~3rd: weekend

A.M, Sep,4th

Solutia Therminol Co. Ltd., Suzhou

P.M, Sep, 4th

Beijing Jiajie new energy saving Technology Co.,Ltd./Suzhou Delan Energy Technology Co., Ltd

A.M, Sep,5th

Jiangsu United Storage Technology Co.,Ltd.

P.M, Sep, 5th

Royal Tech CSP Limited

A.M, Sep,6th

Jiangyin Huafang New Energy Hi-Tech Equipment Co.,Ltd.(CONE DRIVE)

P.M, Sep, 6th

Oriental Great Ocean New Energy Technology Development Co.,Ltd.

A.M, Sep, 7th

Jiangsu Feiyue Machine Pump Group

P.M, Sep, 7th


A.M, Sep,8th

MAANSHAN Jingwei Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd.

P.M, Sep, 8th


A.M, Sep, 9th

Yancheng 300KWt twice reflection tower demonstration power plant of Jiangsu XinChen CSP Technology Co., Ltd.

P.M, Sep, 9th


Sep, 10th

Jiangsu Zhongneng Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd.

The researching tour aims to look into the development of current CSP industry, objectively , comprehensively and deeply. More importantly, this tour will analyze companies’ views of current status and problems in CSP industry, collect suggestions from enterprises and inspire ventures to create a better public environment for the CSP industry.

After the research tour, CSDPPLAZA will release a research report to convey practical appeals from enterprises to Chinese officials,  providing reliable reference for the government.

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