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Hami is Installing 1.5GW CSP Stations by 2020, 6GW by 2030

Reported from CSPPLAZA: May 4th, 2017, an experts-reviewing meeting is held in Hami over City of Hami CSP Industry Long-Term Development Plan. The panel is chaired by Sunyue, Deputy Dean of Electric Power Planning & Engineering Institute(EPPEI). As a significant step towards publication of the Plan’s formal documents, this meeting is about to close on May 5th.

City of Hami CSP Industry Long-Term Development Plan(hereinafter referred to as “the Plan”) has been under compilation by the Northwest Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. of China Power Engineering Consulting Group(NWEPDI) since September, 2016. According to the Plan, Hami City is about to install 1.5GW CSP generation engines by 2020, and 6GW by 2030. The planned installation focuses on three districts of Hami, including Yizhou District, Yiwu County and Barkol Kazak Autonomous County, where the annul average DNI reaches 1980kWh/㎡, 2050kWh/㎡and 2000kWh/㎡.

“By consulting prominent experts, gathering devise attitudes and making scientific decisions, our community is catching this golden opportunity to plan, complete and promote Hami’s CSP industry, and prepare the city to be a Large-Scale CSP Demo base with a grounded scientific theory. “Li Dunyin, Vice-Mayor of Hami said in the reviewing meeting earlier today(May 4th).



image: the reviewing meeting

In group discussion, experts from various researching fields put forward valuable suggestions and advice, which based a further developed document of the Plan.

Under the Thirteenth Five-year Energy and Electric Power Development Plan, Hami has set a goal to become a national hybrid new energy base. This city, located in west China that is famous for its rich solar energy, now has 3 light metering station and has been working on the preparation of the CSP projects and relevant industries for several years. To scale up the CSP station installation, Hami is devoted in improving CSP technology and manufacturing ability.

Blessed City with Rich Solar Energy

The City of Hami allocates in the east end of the Tianshan Mountain which winds across the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region with an average altitude of 5,000 meters above the sea. Spanning over 404 miles from the northern side of the mountain to the southern, Hami covers Yizhou District, Yiwu County and Barkol Kazak Autonomous County.  It is famous for its typical temperate continental climate, which means a dry, sunny weather throughout the whole year. Hami has a 3,300~3500 average annual sunshine hours and a 182 out of 365 days frost-free period. Thanks to its high altitude and clear weather, Hami becomes one of the places that have the richest solar energy and has made great progress in CSP generation development. Today, with an awareness of promoting the research and application of CSP techniques, Hami is focusing on scaling up its CSP industry.

Transmit the Electric Power from West China to East China

Hami now has three existing s transmission lines: two 750 kV cables and a ±800 kV high voltage cable. According to the Plan, there will be another six 750 kV main cables, four 750 kV transformer substations and two ±800 kV HVDC converter station by the end of the national Thirteenth Five-year Plan. Among these cables, two 750 kV will combine Hami into the grid of Anxi in Gansu Province,  and another two will combine the city into Dunhuang’s grid and transmit the electric power directly to Geermu in Qinghai Province. Apart from that, the ±800 kV high voltage cable will have two branches among which the southern loop transmits electric power to Zhengzhou, and the northern loop to other areas.

On the completeness of these transmission lines, Hami is to become a hybrid electric power generation base with a capacity of at least 1.5GW, as well as an important junction of electric power transmission from Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region to the other parts of the country.

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