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Rayspower Yumen 50MW Trough CSP Project Started Construction Formally

On November 26th, the opening ceremony of Rayspower Energy Group Co., Ltd. (short for Rayspower) Yumen 50MW Trough CSP project was held in Yumen Dongzhen where the project was located. This is the first trough CSP project and also the first of four Yumen-located demonstration projects that went into construction after the release of Fit-in-Tariff policy.


Xue Liming, founder of Rayspower, told the journalist of CSPPLAZA during the ceremony:” Rayspower has been working for this CSP project for 6 years. Since the release of Fit-in-Tariff policy and the first batch of demonstration projects list, we have speeded up the process of this project. Plus, the government demands that the first batch of demonstration projects must go into operation by the end of 2018. Time is tight and we will do our best to ensure the completion and connect it to national grid by by the end of 2018.”

Rayspower Yumen 50MW trough CSP project, with an installed capacity of 50MW and a 9h molten salt thermal storage system, covers an area of 2.9km2. And the designed life for this plant is 25 years.

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