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Project Overview of Noor III CSP Plant

Reported from CSPPLAZA: The 150MW Noor Ouarzazate III CSP plant is the world’s biggest solar tower power plant with molten salt storage, forming part of the Noor solar complex located in Morocco, the largest solar complex in the world.

The Noor III solar tower is rated at 150MW, but will deliver 140 MW of net capacity with the remaining 10 MW supplies power for the site itself, the so-called ‘parasitic’ needs that are normal at power plants. The 7,400 heliostats in the solar field would point the sunlight onto the receiver located on the top of the 250m tower.

Its 7.5 hours of storage is designed to meet the demand during five peak hours daily during which the electricity price is on average 18 per cent higher.

Project Paritcipants:

Owner: Masen
Developer: ACWA

Project Schedule:

  • August 15, 2018, connected to grid successfully
  • June 2018, commissi  oning phase began
  • May 2018, receiver was heated up
  • April 2018, molting of salt completed
  • March 2018, receiver was installed
  • May 29, 2017, Turbine generator hoisting was completed
  • May 2015 Ground was officially broken

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