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Scene of NOOR II & III CSP Construction Site

Morocco Noor solar power park with a total capacity of 510MW located in Ouarzazate City is known as the ” Hollywood in North Africa” . NOOR I, a 160 MW CSP parabolic trough plant, is already put in to operation In November, 2015. The 200 MW Noor II parabolic trough plant and 150 MW Noor III tower plant are under simultaneous construction by collaborative development model to maximize its joint advantages. As the world’s largest under construction hybrid CSP project, NOOR II & III have caught peoples’eyes since they were announced.

In January 2015, Saudi ACWA consortium, the NOOR II & III project developer, announced that its EPC tender was the consortium of Spanish Sener and China SEPCO III Electric Power Construction Corporation. This is the first time for Chinese companies to enter into overseas CSP-EPC market successfully. SEPCO III is a professional electric power engineering company with the most projects under construction. The company is also active in International projects, shaping the core EPC market competitiveness of Chinese power station.

Currently, NOOR II & III site work is orderly constructed by SEPCO III who are constantly accelerating the progress of the project. The project is expected to be completed respectively in the third quarter of 2017 and the first quarter of 2018.

The pictures below show the magnificent construction scene of NOOR II & III.










Pictures are provided by SEPCO III

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