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Oversea market expanders: a brief analysis on Chinese companies showing enthusiasm over global CSP market

Reported from CSPPLAZA: Though dragged by developing domestic market, Chinese CSP companies still shows enthusiasm towards expanding oversea markets and have since earned great success and respect globally. Hereby we are going to analyze several Chinese companies who have been devoted to promoting China’s  CSP technology, products and project-construction ability world wide, in the term of, EPC and project consultation services,and facility supplyment.

EPC and Project Consultation Services

  Due to the shortage of commercialized CSP plants cases in home country, Chinese companies are in need of more experience in system-designing,system-integration, plant construction and operation.

Therefore, a few Chinese companies are now making their first step to EPC of oversea CSP projects, among whom Shandong Electric Power Construction Coperation Ⅲ(SEPCOⅢ)stands out  as an example.

Projects in constructing:

Company Title

Oversea Partner


Duty in Project


Shandong Electric Power Construction Coperation Ⅲ(SEPCOⅢ)


Noor2 Parabolic Trough CSP Plant(200MW) and Noor3 Solar Power Tower (150MW) in Morocco

Construction, power island spply, supply and installation of thermal energy storage system and external system.

①Noor2 is expected to be compeleted  later this year.

②Noor3 is expected to be completed next year.

Northwest Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd.


Noor3 Solar Power Tower (150MW) in Morocco

Design of the thermal receiving tower

The problem-solving software “Parametric Processing Software Based on ACI307-08 under ANSYS”is independently developed by the company.


Projects in bidding:

Company Title

Oversea Partner




Shandong Electric Power Construction Coperation Ⅲ(SEPCOⅢ)

Engie Ltd. (France)

the first phase(200MW) of CSP project at Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park

Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (Dewa)

In the procedure of evaluation and the bid-winner will be announced later this year.


Alfanar Ltd. (Saudi)


On site of the construction

facility supply

  China has completed the complex and long CSP manufacture line including multiple equipments supply and key CSP technologies.Through the past decades when CSP market lacked development, Chinese companies in CSP industry has been seeking for oversea market expanding with their technical and manufacturing abilities in equipment supply, especially in mirror and collector supply.

Meanwhile, some companies in traditional industry also has grabbed opportunities of applying their products to oversea CSP industry.

Company Title

Supplier type

Projects Involved Cases & Notes

Huiyin Group

collector tube supplier

①Reliance Fresnel reflector solar power project in India (125MW)(exclusive supply for Alpha Co.),2013

②Capacity-expanding Project of TEP Solar Thermal and Coal Hybrid Plant in USA(5MW)(cooperate with Alpha Co.)

③Still Water Solar Thermal and Geothermal Hybrid Plant(33MW) owned by US company Skyfuel

④several commercialized large-scale Solar Thermal Plant in Span

⑤Novatec Molten Salt Fresnel Plant in German(collector supplier),2015

⑥2015-2016, 4 oversea orders including almost ten thousands vaccuum collector tube and 100 thousands long coated steel pipes.

Royal Tech CSP Limited

collector tube supplier

①large-scale manufacture line for CSP equipments meeting with strict international criteria

②shipped the first phase of 2055 high-temperature vaccuum collector to a commercialized Parabolic Trough CSP Plant(50MW) overseas, Nov.29th ,2015 (which is an outbreaking event in China’s CSP key components manufacture)

③exclusively supply vaccuum collector for the first Solar Thermal and Coal Hybrid Plant in India developed by NTPC, Nov.2016

Rayspower Energy Group Co.,Ltd.

(subsidiary in this case: Chengdu Sundhy  Solar Power Co.,Ltd)

mirror supplier

Sundhy (Chengdu) Solar Power Co.,Ltd, a subsidiary of Rayspower Energy Group, is a professional mirror manufactor and has supplied mirror for:

①SEGS Solar Thermal Power Plant in USA

②Solar Thermal Project in India

③admitted by many international clients, such as Sener、Cobra、TSK,etc.

Lanzhou Dacheng Technology Co., Ltd.

collector tube supplier

①export HCE90 large-diameter vaccuum collector tube(diameter 90mm) which will be applied to the solar energy project in California State, Feb.,2017

② HCE90 large-diameter vaccuum collector tube recommended by US Renewable Energy Lab

TRX Solar Technology Co.,Ltd.

collector tube supplier

①supply the middle-temperature and high-temperature collector tube based on astronautical technology to Futuro Solar Project under the agreement with OHL, the biggest constructure company in Span, Nov. 2015 (Futuro Solar Project is carried out by OHL and the Technical University of Madrid)

②supply products for experimental projects in Egypt,India, Australia, etc.

Zhejiang Damin Glass Co.,Ltd.

mirror supplier

With an annal capacity of 4.5 board million ㎡ mirror and 3.6 million ㎡parabolic trough mirror, Zhejiang Damin Glass Co.,Ltd reached agreements over CSP projects in US, North Africa, Mid-East, India and so on, supplied for:

①India ReliancePower’s Reliance1 Fresnel Project(125MW)

②Spanish PSA Platform parabolic trough experimental loop

③US FPL-SEGS Parabolic Trough Project


Oriental Great Ocean New Energy Technology Development Co.,Ltd (GOE)

Stirling engine and dish CSP system

①Stirling engine in European plants

②Joint development of  Dish Solar Thermal Power Plant Project (10KW)in Sevilla,Span (cooperate with Swedish company Cleanergy)

③Dish Stirling CSP Project in Thailand(10.5MW), 10 dish Stirling engine with capacity of 25KW(the first time for a Chinese company to get orders from an international commercialized CSP project)

Dongfang Boiler Group Co.,Ltd.

key equipment supplier

①supply overflow tanks and expansion tanks for SHAGAYA(50MW) CSP Project in Kuwait under an agreement with Spanish company TSK

Shandong Jirong Thermal Technology Co., Ltd

key equipment supplier

① supply deaerator, high-pressure heater, low-pressure heater and pressure tank for NOOR2&3 CSP Projects in Morocco,2016

Shandong AMS Environmental Co.,Ltd

desalting water system

① desalting water system for Noor CSP Project in Morocco, 2016

Taida Group

light trace programme

① provide solar trace programme for the world’s largest molten salt storage CSP plant Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project in Nevada State, US.(developer: SolarReserve )



Nowadays in international CSP market, Chinese companies still have shortness in experience comparing to companies from other countries. However, the fast-growing market of domestic CSP demonstration projects have brought the first wave of opportunities to manufactors. With more chances to get involved in projects development, Chinese companies keep accumulating necessary experience for expanding a larger market over the world.It is expected that more orders will go to China and Chinese companies have good chance to play the leading role in globle CSP industry!

※The above analysis is based on data and information in public. Mistakes may appear and we appreciate your correcting.


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