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Opening of the Initial Phase CSP Professional Training Class

The initial phase CSP professional training class organized by CSPPLAZA & SolEngCo which is a CSP professional consultation institute from Germany, will be held in Beijing on January 19th ~ 21th, 2016. This training will focus on four parts, such as the previous preparatory work of CSP projects development, details explanation of trough CSP system, the implementation, operation and maintenance of CSP stations, the owner engineers.

The training will be mainly instructed by Miroslav Dolejsi, the Vice General Manager of SolEngCo. Miroslav Dolejsi is the pioneer of the CSP industry and he previously served as Vice General Manager for the pioneer CSP Company – Germany Fichtner. With decades of expertise and experience in CSP industry, he can provide technology and consultation services of all phases for CSP projects development, including project planning, feasibility study, foundation design, bidding, due diligence, financing, final projects’ implementation, operations and maintenance, quality assurance, etc. He has more than 20 years’ rich experience in the field of solar thermal power. Besides, he was deeply involved in a number of international famous CSP projects development, such as Spain well-known Andasol1 and 2 trough station etc.


SolEngCo is specialized in CSP technology consultant service jointly established by the CSP pioneers-Georg Brakmann and Miroslav Dolejsi. In CSP industry, SolEngCo has more than 50 concentrating solar projects’ engineering consulting and service performance in total around the world, involving trough, tower, Fresnel, ISCC, solar thermal utilization and other technical routes, such as Spanish Andasol trough power station, Morocco Ouarzazate Noor2 trough and Noor3 tower power station, Bokpoort trough power station in South Africa and many other well-known project cases. Georg and Georg Brakmann is General Manager in original Fichtner solar. Whether he takes part in this lecture will be up to the training march and his schedule.

In related projects participated by SolEngCo, he also provided professional consultation and training services for relevant project representatives. In professional training, he is an expert.

Meantime, this training will be equipped with simultaneous interpretation professionals, who were selected from the CSP industry so that we can effectively help solve poor learning problems for professional language barriers.

China CSP demonstration project lists will be determined before the end of this year. In early beginning of 2016, our country will enter the preparatory construction stage of demonstration project. However, the vast majority of the domestic projects still have a lot of practical problems such as lack of technology and experience. This training will invite internationally renowned experts who are dedicated to the CSP project development involving various specific preparation from the perspective of professional knowledge and practical experience, and focus on CSP station system development, operations and maintenance and other various key technical problems in all stages, so that we can be helpful for the specific work of domestic CSP project development.

CSPPLAZA sticks to the basic principle of practical, serious. After many modifications on curriculum design, getting precious opinions from domestic main Thermal Design Institute and key EPC contractor and negotiations with foreign experts, this training schedule has a final version. With the help of parties, I believe this training can bring significant values for domestic CSP industry.

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