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Notice of Specializing Training for CSP Seminar 2015

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Updated: 1-Sep-2015

To further improve China’s CSP technology and system integration capability, to quickly raise the industry technology level on existing experiment projects basis, to implement National Energy Administration’s requirements for construction of CSP demonstration project, to gradually form a technology system covering engineering design, equipment manufacturing, engineering construction, operation and management, thus to further reduce the cost, the first Specializing Training for CSP Seminar is scheduled to be held in Mid-Sep, 2015, in Delingha city of Qinghai province.

The training seminar is under general guidance of National Energy Administration, and technical guidance of China Hydropower Engineering Consulting Group Co.. It will be held jointly organized by Northwest Engineering Corporation Ltd. of Power China and SUPCON, prepared and host by CSPPLAZA.

This training seminar will invite leaders and experts from New & Renewable Energy Department of NEA, Electric Power Planning and Engineering Institute, Institute of Electrical Engineering CAS, SUPCON Technology Co., Ltd. to attend, thus to help the industry enterprises further have a thorough understanding CSP industry ‘s development opportunity during “the 13th Five Year Plan” period.

The key point of this seminar is to make in-depth case analysis based on the design, constriction, and operation of SUPCON’s Delingha experimental CSP plant, thus to master solution s to CSP plant’s development through learning by on-scene demonstration.

Matters related to the notice as follows:

Ⅰ. Organizations

Guidance unit: New Energy and Renewable Energy Department of National Energy Administration

China Hydropower Engineering Consulting Group Co.

Organizer: Northwest Engineering Corporation Ltd. of Power China

SUPCON Technology Co., Ltd.


Ⅱ. Time and location

Time: 15th-19th September( 5 days)

Location: Blue Sky Clouds Hotel, Delingha, Qinghai

Ⅲ. Training Content:

1. Introductions about the government’s supportive policies to CSP development, key points of CSP development regulated in the coming 13th Five Year Plan, the national’s CSP industrial park planning and domestic demonstration project construction policies…etc.

2. Site selection planning and early stage development process of CSP project.

3. Present situation and trend analysis of domestic CSP industry.

4. Early stage development process & economic evaluation & cost reduction trend analysis of CSP tower project.

5. Key technical points and equipment selection points for CSP tower systems

6. Risks & difficulties in the process of CSP plant’s construction to operation and corresponding solutions, and experience sharing, with SUPCON’s Delingha project as a practical example.

7. Introduction to better using and striving for supportive policies to improve project yield under current national policy conditions. Analysis on costs decline and project economy.

Ⅳ. participants

1. Figures from the new energy departments of related power groups and subordinate units, heads at the department of planning and development, project planners and early stage project developers.

2. Enterprises and research institutes participating in CSP project design, construction and supervision.

Ⅴ. Training expenses

Training fee: RMB 5500 / person (self-arranged accommodation)
Over 3 persons from the same unit for RMB 5000 / person (self-arranged accommodation)

Ⅵ. Attending mechanism
Please fill in the enclosed registry and send it back to the Organizing Committee for complete registration
If you are intended to participate in the training, please send the application form in advance to the Organizing Committee. personal sign up for attendance is accepted.

Ⅶ. Contact

Organizing committee as follows:
Registration: Northwest Engineering Corporation Ltd. of Power China

Contact person: Zhang Junfeng

Tel: 18681880598

Contact person: Chen Xiuhuan

Tel: 18681880422

Email: jiwushi@126.com

Paying collector: CSPPLAZA

Contact person: Spark

Email: spark@cspplaza.com

Tel: 010-51077403;010-51077405

Email: event@cspplaza.com

Room service: SUPCON Technology Co.,Ltd.

Contact person: Wang Wen

Tel: 18701065572
Email: wangwen2@supcon.com



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