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IMPSDI signs technical service contract for Dubai 700MW CSP project

Reported from CSPPLAZA: On November 14, Inner Mongolia Electric Power Survey & Design Institute Co., Ltd. (“IMPSDI” for short) and Shanghai Electric Power Generation Group(“SEC”for short) signed the technical service contract for the Dubai 700MW CSP project.

The formal signing of the contract marks that the Inner Mongolia Institute will fully participate in the construction of the 100MW tower and 600MW parabolic trough CSP plant in Dubai in various ways, including design and consultation, and demonstrate the solid technical capability and excellent service of IMPSDI for the first time in the overseas solar thermal project.

Figure: Signing ceremony

During the meeting, the two sides exchanged discussions on issues such as project schedule, cooperation, and technical difficulties.

Figure: Both parties exchange information on the project

Liu Minghua, deputy general manager and chief engineer of SEC, expressed gratitude to IMPSDI for its cooperation in the Dubai project. At the same time, it was proposed that the project has tight schedule, heavy tasks and many difficult points, he hopes that Inner Mongolia Institute can Give the greatest support to the design progress and technology.

Next, IMPSDI hopes to use the Dubai project as a starting point to deepen its cooperation with SEC in the fields of CSP, photovoltaic and wind power at home and abroad.

The 700MW CSP project in Dubai is the world’s largest solar thermal power generation project, with a total investment of 14.2 billion Dubai dirhams (about 25.3 billion yuan). The project consists of 3×200MW parabolic trough power stations and 1×100MW tower station. The project is equipped with the world’s largest heat storage capacity, providing clean electricity to more than 270,000 households in Dubai every year, reducing annual carbon emissions by 1.4 million tons.

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